LFC Top CGO or cgd

LFC Top CGO or cgd

LFC Top CGO or cgd

Thread started by nspRee on Monday, 3:22pm May 7th with 10 replies. Views: 294


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3:22pm May 7th 12

I am looking for a top CGo team or draft, Looking for any position core or sub.

Gamertag: nspRe
Name: Tom
Age: 18
Headset: x11
Monitor: 32 inch LCDpanasonic
Maps: Arkaden, Bakara, sea town, but really any with strats.
Teams: Emerge Mw3 cgo
Guns: M16, ACR, MP5, UMP, Spaz 12 silenced
Game style: On defense like to sit back wait and hold a choke point.
On attack i prefer to slow push with an assult rifle watch for the flank (but dont mind chucking on a subby and rushing)
Availability: All day every day, but im from NZ so during week days i do not like it to late,
Always willing to strat and scrim. Im a bit tide up trying to catch up with uni shit but if not on xbox a pm on cg would get me on. I am concentrating on uni quite a bit atm so wouldnt mind a sub spot
Host: No
Cap Card: No
From Capn Birney: If you need a great spaz 12 silence player on top rugs on seatown hes your boy. With cod he is not scared to tell it how it is and that is one of the major reasons i like him.
From CizZ: He's shit at fifa
Screen shots: Havent got any recent ones

Quote from nspRe on the 3rd of May 2012


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3:24pm May 7th 12

Regardless of the arguments,he is a decent player and can hold spots well.


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3:27pm May 7th 12

cute player


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3:45pm May 7th 12

How many LFC's are you going to post? o.o


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3:46pm May 7th 12

do u want to trail for my team ?

Johnny Drama

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3:51pm May 7th 12

Loudest most annoying voice on CG and terrible at FIFA


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3:53pm May 7th 12

my new team still deciding on the name for it we have good players with amazing chem and we are looking to make top cgo maybe push for CGa


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4:04pm May 7th 12

nice bloke top drafts !


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4:52pm May 7th 12

Great subby player.


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7:55pm May 7th 12



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9:16pm May 8th 12

Trial for our team?
MSG if interested .