MW3 DLC - Free Maps

MW3 DLC - Free Maps

MW3 DLC - Free Maps

Thread started by uSquat ? on Thursday, 8:14am May 10th with 19 replies. Views: 881

uSquat ?

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8:14am May 10th 12

- Some free shit coming to non-elite members end of May -

Dark Flame Master

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8:29am May 10th 12

nice! they look like remakes from WaW maps/BO maps

Nutty Da Author

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8:49am May 10th 12

that 1v1 will have alot of boosters


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9:02am May 10th 12

omg omg omg about time they look half decent


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9:05am May 10th 12

Actually look half descent.

Already got Sanctuary & Foundation though, really good maps!


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9:07am May 10th 12

yusssss ! i can boost all my emblems and titles

uSquat ?

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9:17am May 10th 12

yusssss ! i can boost all my emblems and titles

Quote from Diamond on the 10th of May 2012

Unless they make it private match lobbies.


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9:21am May 10th 12

1v1 will be full of boosters.


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9:43am May 10th 12

one of them maps looks like it would be Sick for 4v4 CTF i think it was Erosion!


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9:44am May 10th 12

the boosters will get the maps then hide in corners with tacs


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10:05am May 10th 12

yay free maps


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11:27am May 10th 12

Hopefully these free maps can make 5v5 competitive more enjoyable, hoping that they are structured of course.


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11:31am May 10th 12

They should of included those face off maps in all of public :S


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2:21pm May 10th 12


they FINALY look half decent


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2:36pm May 10th 12

are all the maps they just showed going to be available in private match for ALL game types or nehh?