CGm: Reign vs Team DeFy

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12:11am May 11th 12



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Quote from Porchh on the 11th of May 2012


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Evil Hopsin

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12:19am May 11th 12

your both bad... shut up


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12:23am May 11th 12

Yes sir, sorry sir.


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4:52am May 11th 12

Holy fxck denholm!

still shit gg


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5:34am May 11th 12

Denz, Akuma, Chrome >

Nino's also pretty good ;)

Good stuff deffffffy


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6:53am May 11th 12

Nice win Defy!


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7:11am May 11th 12

Nice win Defy!!!


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7:55am May 11th 12

Good win team defy


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9:51am May 11th 12

fuck me, Denz rips


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1:26pm May 11th 12

Good win Team DeFy

Little King Lowe

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1:39pm May 11th 12

Nice win team defy, richard was telling me how awesome it was to spectate in party chat :P

Quote from Posica on the 10th of May 2012
kiking me from that party cause u know imma win the 1v1 :P
good win defy considering packer was playing minecraft 5 min b4 the match cause it is so hard to team macka how to play minecraft :P
still seems like a great game, defy deserve the win, good luck for the rest of this shit gamwe we call MW3 reign and defy.


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2:28pm May 11th 12

Played Seatown and the first half of Resistance, shit was intense. Cord got pulled by mum cause I was screaming abuse at Outlawz every time he killed me.

Dropped a scryer on resistance, not happy.

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Yeah I thought Chrome was dead lol. Honestly thought we'd get rolled.

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ouch that hurt my feelings


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5:05pm May 11th 12

denz such a ps3 rand yuk


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5:07pm May 11th 12

good win