Gerttz LFC 5s

Gerttz LFC 5s

Gerttz LFC 5s

Thread started by Svnsz on Friday, 11:11pm May 11th with 15 replies. Views: 796


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11:11pm May 11th 12 and edited 8:43pm May 12th 12

I'm looking for a team that get along with each other and are at least top 30 CGo. i'll look at everyones offers

GT: Gerttz
Teams: Crimson, Fearless
vision: 32" palsonic
experience: top 20 CGo
Guns: ump, pp90, acr
availability: every night 3 hours+
main maps: Arkaden and lockdown

PM me if interested


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11:13pm May 11th 12

good player should be picked up with ilectronic


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11:15pm May 11th 12

Quite annoying but does have a decent AR shot.

Shocking host.

Top 10 CGo BOL buddy,


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11:16pm May 11th 12

sick bloke, good rusher . needs to work on coms and smarts abit but has a great shot. will have good looking kids one day xo


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11:18pm May 11th 12

good player on his hst but i would give him top 68 CGO BOL <3


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11:25pm May 11th 12

never seen him play properly with him on his host
i would say top 15 cgo bol mate.

Wolfy ™

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3:58am May 12th 12

head is big

SYG Danger

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7:52am May 12th 12

Bro wtf you meen we dont look good bro were going strong you just need to realize that its about putting the best team on dude, we could go far just need to have a talk between the team dude and everyone needs to have a say not just the captains bro. Buh yeh its uptoo you aye man see you on tonight.


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8:23am May 12th 12

bitch on his host
top 20 cgo
in my opinion i would leave crimson probably bringing you down start fresh season 2 is coming up


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12:00pm May 12th 12

Good player thats commited , with the right team could make drafts next season!


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12:30pm May 12th 12

PLayed against this guy in a few scrims descent shot, BOL!


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6:23pm May 12th 12



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9:16pm May 12th 12

Nice guy, has a great shot and the potential to become CGd

Bol finding


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2:14pm May 13th 12



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3:51pm May 13th 12