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Thread started by Error; on Sunday, 5:19pm May 13th with 6 replies. Views: 268


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5:19pm May 13th 12

Hey guys Looking for a solid SnD Team for Season 2, looking for A core spot in a draft team or an oppurtunity to prove myself, Looking for a Team that scrims most weekdays and a team where everyone gets along with eachother,

Gt: nterr
Prev gt's: Err0r17, busstin xx
Availability: Every weekday, most weekends,
Exp: FFYI, Draft comp
pm me cheers


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5:23pm May 13th 12

What happened to carrion?

OT: really good player. bol


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5:28pm May 13th 12

good player top cga


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5:30pm May 13th 12

good player ,
CGa best of luck.

BriszK xxx

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5:35pm May 13th 12

real nice kid. bol bud


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5:39pm May 13th 12

cga bol mate


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10:33pm May 13th 12


Nice guy,
ez CGa.