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CGo Finals: Made Gaming vs Featured Gaming

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Thread started by Proxi3 on Monday, 11:09pm May 14th with 28 replies. Views: 872


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1:24am May 15th 12

Made gaming to be high contenders for finals.

BL Featured.

Loser boy Bradoze

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5:07am May 15th 12

yeah Made Gaming,
great work ilusive


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5:40am May 15th 12

Made <3

Strong contenders for everything as of late gj boys!


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7:51am May 15th 12

Expected, FG are so overrated.


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8:00am May 15th 12

MP5k the fat cunt, never not dropping neg bombs.


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8:50am May 15th 12

ilsuive ur still bad but
good win expected boys


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8:55am May 15th 12

scrim made gaming the other night they where very strong on bootleg expected win

Snap City Bitch

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9:12am May 15th 12

Expected GG Made gaming


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9:58am May 15th 12

I thought that you would win made! you guys are great!!


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11:00am May 15th 12

came into this game with no prep scrimed 2 times in 3 weeks
good win no screenies on seatown because we all raped !


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2:27pm May 15th 12

no seatown screenies because the game got stopped about 3 or 4 times...GG guys might cya later on


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3:44pm May 15th 12

great game to host and ref bad luck to fg
and a strong win for made


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7:22pm May 15th 12

mp5k is pretty good

x St3vil x

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3:52pm May 16th 12

Nice win Made, looking strong.

BL Featured. Get those brothers off WAW...