PC gaming worth it?

PC gaming worth it?

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Thread started by Langzzy on Thursday, 12:06am May 17th with 83 replies. Views: 3,286


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7:21pm May 17th 12


xbox + control + 1-2 games around $250

Quote from just Jake on the 17th of May 2012

they are the prices now im sure most people have had their xbox for 2-3 years

Quote from Chuck Bass on the 17th of May 2012
bought mine 3 years ago at that price ..........

depends on what headset they get
usually from 50-110 so you could add that in there to

Quote from just Jake on the 17th of May 2012
who needs a headset theyre for bitches


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7:32pm May 17th 12

Unreal Tournament. Best PC Game everrrrrrrrrrrr


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10:00pm May 17th 12

So much money for a good PC either 8K OR higher so yeah, I would prefer ps3 and xbox over PC....

Quote from Trunzy on the 17th of May 2012

Is this kid for real? What a clueless moron.


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10:54pm May 17th 12

Wow I didn't expect this thread to get so many views or posts! But yea I have to agree PC takes so much more skill then the other consoles, though the consoles are still fun, might give it ago and, as the young kids these days say, "get good at the game". I'm glad that CoD 4 is active on PC as it is the only game that I have that is on CG.

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10:55pm May 17th 12

This thread seems like bait for pc players...


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10:58pm May 17th 12

Of course it is. Then downy mods like falcano come in and start handing out bans to pc players.


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8:13am May 18th 12

You were free to discuss the topic, however coming over here and abusing Xbox members in the Xbox forums will result in you being banned.