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3:11pm May 18th 12

I am a very strong rusher and can also hold spots very well. I am moving more in to assault rifles but if a team needs a rusher i can do that too. I am after a team that is active, scrims/strats a lot. Will also be willing to start a team if there is a good offer. I will look at all offers. currently have no live but will be sorting that out this weekend hopefully

what I am~

- Loyal
- Mature
- Willing to learn
- Available when you need me (give notice)
- Committed
- Strat/ Scrim regularly
- Smarts

Le app ~

Age ~ 16 (been told i sound 18)

GT ~ Creep aT

Prev GTs ~ Rez Creeep, creeparr

Prev Clans ~ globo, astride few others

Fav Maps ~ lockdown, bakaraa, seatown, any really

Fav Guns ~ acr, mp5, pp, ump

Availability ~ whenever needed

Either PM me or post below, cheers

P.S ......roids is sub


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5:50pm May 18th 12

beast player! bol mate