Diablo 3 isn't fun after Night...

Diablo 3 isn't fun after Nightmare

Diablo 3 isn't fun after Nightmare

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4:47am May 23rd 12

tbh, I've just given up now.

I'm almost done with Act 1 in Hell, but I can't be bothered going on.
The games been good up till now, sure, but seriously, it's so boring now.

It just takes about 20 minutes of jumping around kiting to kill elite monsters.
And even similar methods to kill normal monsters.
And its just so tedious and boring.

Not to mention the elite's powers, such as mortars that do about half your health if you get heavily hit, which does happen in those boring 20 minute fights. The mortars or arcane skills hit like 7k damage and then you just keep dying. It's honestly ridiculous.

Could you not create more levels Blizzard? After 8 years of development or whatever?
Or did you just think making people play the same levels over and over again, eventually increasing and making it an impossible difficulty would satisfy? No. It doesn't.

Diablo 3, more like Die-a-lot-ablo 3.


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4:52am May 23rd 12

I was thinking the same thing, almost finished nightmare and while I have enjoyed it, it's starting to get boring. I don't see this game having much longevity unless pvp is something amazing.


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5:57am May 23rd 12

If you're not having fun after Normal, you're just not good at the game. Sorry :\

The game begins at Nightmare.


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6:07am May 23rd 12

If you're not having fun after Normal, you're just not good at the game. Sorry :\

The game begins at Nightmare.

Quote from slogga on the 23rd of May 2012

He said after nightmare.


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6:31am May 23rd 12

Game has 0 replayability compared to D2 and pretty much 0 incentive to keep playing.

Battle Net 2.0 inspires no sense of community and the game isn't innovative at all.


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6:55am May 23rd 12

yeah its a pretty fail concept they have going.. (short campaign, and hey why dont u grind it another 4 times).


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7:14am May 23rd 12

Saying the game doesn't have longevity then comparing it to D2 is a laugh. The only reason D2 lasted so long is because of PvP, they don't play the game for PvM...

I'm starting to wonder if the PvP side is going to be entirely different from PvM so you don't have to grind through levels to get to somewhere you can actually dual.


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7:48am May 23rd 12

Game has 0 replayability compared to D2 and pretty much 0 incentive to keep playing.

Quote from terror on the 23rd of May 2012
Sadly I have to agree with this, I played Diablo II for god knows how many hours, yet I am already over this. After discussing it for a while with a few fellow Diablo II and even a couple DI boys from back in the day I have concluded that 3 primary factors stunt this games longevity.

The first is the auction house, the auction house totally removes any desire to farm for endless hours in order to find a good item. Instead all you need now is a measly 30k and you can buy a pretty decent rare from the AH. This totally betrays the underlying glory behind the previous two games, removing much of the rewarding nature of the game, replacing it with a seemingly pointless system which I can only think was implemented to make Blizzard more money.

The second factor is the actual game play itself, in the past two Diablo games you could spend hours stomping your way through the cathedral under Tristrum or the vast plains outside of Lut Golain and not once have to look at your quest log, let alone actually complete a quest. This 'do it your way' style of play made both Diablo I and II infinity re-playable, simply because you were not replaying anything, rather farming your way through miles of open demon spawn. Diablo III however, presumably through an attempt to modernize the game play made the game rather more controlled, hell you cant even walk through an act without first completing your objectives in order to remove some god dam barricade! Thats before I even mention the far more restrictive map designs which seem to guide your players every dam step.

The third and final reason we established was that the leveling system was openly flawed. In Diablo I and II one could build a rouge or necromancer or any other class from the 2 games in an endless variety of ways. The game actually encouraged players to be creative with their builds, not only in the form of what items they wore but also through what skills they chose to add to as they leveled. Where in diablo II the player got to chose not only what spells they would add to each level but also what base attributes (strength, dexterity and so on) Diablo III does all this for you. This has a massive impact on the way the game plays, leaving the player feeling rather redundant in the process. At the end of some 60 hours of playing all players wind up with the exact same base toon, try as they might all that differentiates players is the items they chose to wear.
It is true that Diablo III is more item based than the previous 2 games, relying far less on the char stats and more on the item stats, but this fact is made utterly redundant by the AH mentioned in point 1, leaving the player with little to do other than stare at the screen wondering what exactly to do next.....and why?

For some Pvp might grant this game one last glimmer of light, but for me and the rest of my Diablo I and II loving companions, Diablo III will inevitably be a bit of a let down, or at very least a rather short lived joy.

(excuse grammar/spelling issues in the above rant if there are any, I'm about ready to go to sleep)


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8:16am May 23rd 12

Saying the game doesn't have longevity then comparing it to D2 is a laugh. The only reason D2 lasted so long is because of PvP, they don't play the game for PvM...

Quote from Slubb on the 23rd of May 2012

Also because of the social aspect of the game. That's what kept me coming back for years.

The fact that I could create a server, name it whatever and get involved with other players is something that D3 is sorely lacking. Also having to start a game from a certain quest point to get to places is a fucking joke.

I agree with everything you say Redbull. The game is so linear.

http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5152409990 is a good post about it.


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8:23am May 23rd 12

lucky i didn't buy the game :D, seems pretty hopeless tbh


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8:25am May 23rd 12

Don't get me wrong, the story is still fun to play through (on your first go) but after that is begins to lose it's shine due to the fact that game is very shallow and lacks the depth that D2 had.

If you managed to pick up D3 for $20 from CoTD you are laughing.

raf simons

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9:57am May 23rd 12

I find it hard to play the game for more than half an hour to be honest, it's just so monotonous


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10:17am May 23rd 12

If you think Hell Act 1 is an impossible difficulty and Elites take 20mins to kill there is something wrong with your skill level. The game starts at Inferno, get some friends together if you can't solo its more fun with 4.

Agree with Redbull about the quests and leveling system, hopefully PvP will give the game some replayability.


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10:31am May 23rd 12

It's very much based on your perspective. The game was boring for me until i reached hell, i like being challenged.. though if you're having 20 minute fights it's quite clear you're either undergeared or just lacking in the skill department.

As far as the comparisons to D2 go, it's far too early to say which is a superior game. D2 will forever be one of my favourites, but it was released at a time where i'd never played a game like it & i was far younger. I have fond memories of all the games that started getting me into gaming and will always make comparisons of them to newer games - which in a way isn't fair. I'm in a different headspace now at 22 than i was at 13-14.

I don't know how long i'll play Diablo 3 for though, the completionist in me will make me play until i've killed Diablo in Inferno, after that I can't say how long. The part in me which made me want to have best in slot for all my characters died a long time ago.


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10:59am May 23rd 12

Others have said it well enough so instead of re-hashing their words...you must be new to Diablo. Not to mention this is Blizzards first Diablo game that can get fast updates to the game out. All the QQ bitches are like with SC2 when it first came out and look where it is. Either play and enjoy the series (which most people are because this isn't the first Diablo game they played) or don't.