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Thread started by 'Blastn on Wednesday, 5:15pm May 23rd with 2 replies. Views: 254


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5:15pm May 23rd 12

Looking for CGm+ team!
Will take others into consideration.
Willing to strat and scrim 24/7 :D

Gamertag: blaastN
Previous Gamertags: ProX blaastN
Age: 17
Guns: MP5, UMP, PP90, ACR
Maps: All
Availability: Everyday
Experience/Previous Clans: Proximity CGa (Black Ops), SecondNature CGm, Reborn
Sound: x41's
Visual: Samsung 32inch full Hd LCD tv

Pm me thanks :D


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5:18pm May 23rd 12

nice bloke , good shot cgi bol mate


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5:21pm May 23rd 12

I know that it was posted at midnight, but you would have known that when it was made. Just bump your old thread.