Possible LFC

Possible LFC

Thread started by Little King Lowe on Wednesday, 8:54pm May 23rd with 27 replies. Views: 762

Little King Lowe

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8:54pm May 23rd 12

King Lowe
im 14 i use pp ump and acr can triasl now or tomorrow or weneva.
my team are really inactive and dont know if im staying please post ur truthful comments below no sp0amming and pm me with offers or post below thanks
What im looking for:
wont break up any time soon.
5s over 4s

Chicken Smitty

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8:58pm May 23rd 12

top 20 cgo, decent shot. bol mate


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8:59pm May 23rd 12

top 20 cgo bol


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8:59pm May 23rd 12

wht happend to the last few teams?
Well deserves top 10 CGo BOL


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9:03pm May 23rd 12

Top 20 CGo


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9:07pm May 23rd 12

Couldn't beat me in 1v1 so top 50 cgo best of luck mate


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9:07pm May 23rd 12

did really well in a pug i recon he could play cgd


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9:08pm May 23rd 12

Top 20 CGo


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9:10pm May 23rd 12

Im not sure he is ready for top 20 CGo. Im thinking more top 21 CGo


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9:14pm May 23rd 12

seen him play once did good top 20


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9:15pm May 23rd 12

Top 20 Cgo BOL

Ferretz the Potato

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9:17pm May 23rd 12

best d-rider on CG!

CGd BOL [email protected]


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9:31pm May 23rd 12

Played a few pugs with him.

Very nice bloke, should be high CGO-CGD


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9:32pm May 23rd 12

top 20 CGo? could easily hold himself in a top CGd team

Hemi Mildon

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9:34pm May 23rd 12

great player nice kid talks way to much like a chin

top CGO bol