Rawkeys LFC

Rawkeys LFC

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7:44pm May 27th 12

Things didn't quite work out with Excision the way we had planned with a few players being inactive and i tried to fix it but it wasn't job for just me, was a huge learning curb for me as a player and i hope that i have left the team on a good note.

Looking for a team that has potential to make it far and also won't break up after a first loss, would like to see myself in a leagues team but not fussed if i don't get any offers from one..... will consider all offers.

Gamertag: Rawkeys

Previous Gamertag: Sqizzleee, One Soby Turtle

Age: 17

Guns: ACR, M16, MP5

Maps: Any map with decent strats

Sound: Turtlebeach px5's and x31's (backups)

Visual: 21" monitor

Previous teams: Excision, Token (FFYI), Fallen

Experience: FFYI MW3, S&D ODC, Top CGO

Wanting to trial right now but can also trial tomorrow and on if need be.




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7:46pm May 27th 12

This guy well played with him for ages now get on him like a house on fire, bloody good player seriously underated tops scores so so much knows his shit, shot is on all the time.
active as fuck wont let you down, i say CGa easy should be there already. BOL buddy


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7:47pm May 27th 12

Remember scrimming this guy ages ago, he always carried.


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7:50pm May 27th 12

great guy good shot BOL dude

Loser boy Bradoze

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7:50pm May 27th 12

good player, good smarts

iTz Yoshi v23

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7:51pm May 27th 12

Great guy took the time to teach when I first started owe this guy a lot. Great player always dropping big numbers great comms cga with ease BOL in the search sqizzleee

fo daxx

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7:52pm May 27th 12

straight up boss


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8:03pm May 27th 12

top 20 cgo bol


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8:11pm May 27th 12



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8:17pm May 27th 12

top 20 cgo bol

Quote from #Magicz on the 27th of May 2012

jealous much?
seen him in scrims much higher standard than that CGD +


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8:22pm May 27th 12

top 20 cgo bol

Quote from Proxi3 on the 27th of May 2012

jealous much?
seen him in scrims much higher standard than that CGD +

Quote from #Magicz on the 27th of May 2012
jealous haha im in a team his not?


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8:33pm May 27th 12

played a PUG with him once, he dominated. BOL


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8:35pm May 27th 12

amazing player but needs to drop the attitude a bit.
plays at leagues level but his attitude holds him back.

BOL finding mate, definitely draft player


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8:36pm May 27th 12

Great player, Carried us alot and Active. Sad to see you leave excision O:


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8:43pm May 27th 12

all good bro boss player here should be playing cga just needs a team to pick him up