Coxy LFC s2.

Coxy LFC s2.

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4:28pm May 29th 12

G'day guys.

I'm wanting to join a team for s2 that will be committed and try there hardest to do well. I won't be joining another clan for the rest of this season just due to line-ups already being finalised. If your interested in trialling me i will be more than welcome to scrim with your team in the upcoming weeks.

The App.
Name: Josh
Age: 16
GT: zyzzN
Previous GT's: Coxy WA - Moisty xo - y0 Salad.
Experience: T5 CGo - ODC.
Activness: Everyday 4-6 hours.
Sound: Turtle beach bravos.
Visual: 27" HDMI Hisense.
Other: Can Rec - Content Work - Host.

PS; If you haven't played with me in the last month please don't post.



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4:34pm May 29th 12

Absolute beast player. Definatly knows what he is doing. CGa worthy IMO


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4:34pm May 29th 12

nicest bloke , should be playing at such a higher level then CGo.
top CGd/CGa sub.
bol bro


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4:35pm May 29th 12

nice guy to get along with havnt really played but i have specd you
Soooo CGd/ CGa
[SPOILER=SPOILER: Click to view]What happend to alliance 5?Enter text here[/SPOILER]


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4:37pm May 29th 12

shit player cgo


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4:40pm May 29th 12

dogged us ;(
bol good comms should do well in a top cgd team


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4:43pm May 29th 12

CGA after 1 more season of TOP CGO


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4:45pm May 29th 12

Awesome player and a top bloke, deserves a good team. BOL mate


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4:49pm May 29th 12

really cool guy and really good player also, cgd+
bol with your search bud


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4:53pm May 29th 12

Absolute Beast! and such a top bloke!


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4:55pm May 29th 12

probz one of the best people you will find on CG
he is a beast, also like to commentate to himself ahahah
CGd + material BOL man!


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4:55pm May 29th 12

Heaps active cause he bashed his boss ;)
Nah good player and good smarts
Will let you take cute pics of him on skype


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5:05pm May 29th 12

Salad what can i say yr a beast
heaps active really nice guy BOL DUDE


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5:33pm May 29th 12

This guy!
Top bloke, amazing shot, great coms, and straight up, beast!
Top CGd/a
BOL beautiful!

Little King Lowe

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5:35pm May 29th 12

easy to get along with top CGo