CGa: Crucifix vs Paranoia.

CGa: Crucifix vs Paranoia.

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Thread started by Lockdown. on Tuesday, 11:10pm May 29th with 60 replies. Views: 2,266


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11:43pm May 29th 12

Last Rights CGa Black Ops to this, its a miracle

Quote from Lockdown. on the 29th of May 2012
Let's not forget JPND CGa BO before that. :3

Success is not something we're familiar with.

Quote from Zadnar on the 29th of May 2012

I take it that you didnt speed home on the highway to make this one


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11:45pm May 29th 12

I remember Last Rites...

Last FUCKING Rites


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11:54pm May 29th 12

was GG.

spyder clucth king, enuf said.


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11:59pm May 29th 12

Havent played 5s in 2 months fuck it felt weird


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12:04am May 30th 12

Good stuff Paranoia, hope you guys win the GF aswell.


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12:05am May 30th 12

Good win Paranoia lads.

Unlucky Crucifix. Should be a great GF


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12:05am May 30th 12

Oh yeah I forgot to mention Spyder got a 1v4 + defuse all after bomb was down on Seatown A-bomb.



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12:27am May 30th 12

gj paranoia cant wait to play you guys in the final should be good close match, hope it gets shoutcasted too

Scrub the Tub

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12:36am May 30th 12

gg paranoia well deserved win, wish i could have played it but not having an xbox makes it kinda hard lol. BoL in the GF hopes yous can take it out.


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1:06am May 30th 12

GG Paranoia, BL Crucifix

Nutty Da Author

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1:08am May 30th 12

Good win Paranoia


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6:01am May 30th 12

No Deano No Win


GG, didn't expect it.

Little King Lowe

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6:23am May 30th 12

Good win Paranoia


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7:10am May 30th 12

good win para!
thought crucifix looked like they had it!


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9:00am May 30th 12

spyder clucth host king

Quote from Struckzahar on the 29th of May 2012
GG wasn't fun getting hosted poppin you so lucky