Selling Logos or Packages

Selling Logos or Packages

Selling Logos or Packages

Thread started by MasFx on Thursday, 5:35pm May 31st with 18 replies. Views: 2,072


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5:35pm May 31st 12 and edited 5:47pm May 31st 12

I spent alot of time on these but sadly they are unwanted and i for one would just like a little money for my efforts!

Make me offers on these (Nothing under $25) Almost half price if you order package!
You will also get a free banner, If you would like an entire team package from the logo please add $15 to each logo.

BACKGROUNDS - TEXT - COLOURS will be changed upon request

PM me with offers or post here..


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5:39pm May 31st 12

Brilliant Work Mas

Good luck selling


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5:40pm May 31st 12

Last ones my favourite, All look clean as,
Hopefully someone buys them


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5:52pm May 31st 12

nice work bro, im sure they should sell quick GL


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5:54pm May 31st 12

^ If only! Cheers


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5:57pm May 31st 12

last one the gun looks so sick


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6:03pm May 31st 12

Does beast work should sell quick


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6:07pm May 31st 12

look so good nice!


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6:18pm May 31st 12

I really like the first one

They should sell quick!


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6:26pm May 31st 12

hey man just wondering does your last one have a water mark becausse i carnt see one

Wacko jacko

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6:30pm May 31st 12

last one looks sik


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6:36pm May 31st 12

how many layers you use on the last ones background?


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6:39pm May 31st 12

how many layers you use on the last ones background?

Quote from DropShock on the 31st of May 2012
150 give or take, No problem replicating and resizing though


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6:47pm May 31st 12

wow. brilliant work Mas. should sell quick.
Last ones my fave <3


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6:52pm May 31st 12

All three images have been done very well. Should expect some fast offers