Malusa and Bondage LFC

Malusa and Bondage LFC

Malusa and Bondage LFC

Thread started by PANSandP0TS on Wednesday, 8:15pm June 6th with 9 replies. Views: 629


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8:15pm Jun 6th 12

Pretty much had enough of the inactivity/commitment that has been lurking around vicious intent. Sick of trying to manage a team with its originals barely coming online to help trial, and just wait and wait... and wait for 3 hours on end to try to get a scrim or get players. I have never wanted to intend to end this team and wanted vi to keep going as they have been for 6 or so months, but I just can't without the help of others, makes the captain job feel like a chore not an enjoyment (which it has been for several months). Just trying to trial people is depressing when you don't have everyone taking it full srs....or not enough on. It was vey fun to begin with though, so to all vicious intent players...

[IMG] [/IMG]

Anyhow, me and bondage are LFC. We are predominantly looking for a team in cga, or a team looking to make it next season. We will even settle for an upcoming cgo team just as long as you're actually good .


Guns: ACR, PP90, UMP, MP5, M16
Previous teams: Vicious Intent, Vicious Assault, Crux crew (mw2), Faded.
Activity: Always on except during tuesday and thursday; activity would only vary depending on spontaneous events occurring, exams etc.
Maps: Any
Sound: XL1 TB
Vision: Huge floppy flat screen ~32inch
Role: All round

Gt: iBondage
Guns: ACR, PP90, UMP, G36C, MK14
Previous teams: Vicious Intent, Desire, Ambition
Activity: N/A
Maps: Any
Vision: ~32 inch?
Sound: Astros
Role: All round


~Sweepers bodily fluids.


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8:16pm Jun 6th 12

they don't play matches


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8:17pm Jun 6th 12

oh nooooo

beast players.

I'll steal grouse now. CH33RZ.

Best of luck guys. you deserve a good team!


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8:17pm Jun 6th 12

they don't play matches

Quote from Mulley on the 6th of June 2012
You don't reschedule matches


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8:28pm Jun 6th 12

they don't play matches

Quote from Mulley on the 6th of June 2012
quoted for truth. bol cgo


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8:33pm Jun 6th 12

Best 2 in Vicious intent.
CGa easy.


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9:34pm Jun 6th 12

Malusa is a beast kent, could easily play CGa!
Not too sure about bondage, haven't seen him play
but BOL to the both of yous!!


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10:10pm Jun 6th 12



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10:13pm Jun 6th 12

FREEAK players bol!


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3:28pm Jun 7th 12