Aaron Patel Graphic Design

Aaron Patel Graphic Design

Aaron Patel Graphic Design

Thread started by A.P on Thursday, 6:37pm June 14th with 12 replies. Views: 2,053


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6:37pm Jun 14th 12


Recently put up a website and facebook page for my freelance graphic designing.
If anyone in the community has small business or game related design I do it all to a professional standard.

Facebook Page:
Please Like!

Digital Portfolio available here.

Contact details are on both so feel free to email for any possible work.

Elmo :P

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6:41pm Jun 14th 12

My doctors name is Aaron Patel, you happen to be a doctor?


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6:43pm Jun 14th 12

I dabble in the medical treatment.

But seriously, that is not me


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6:56pm Jun 14th 12


nice stuff man!


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7:13pm Jun 14th 12

Well done dude, best of luck!


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7:15pm Jun 14th 12

Some dope shit here man, liking it. No doubt you'll be making money in no time.

SBTRKT fuck yeah!


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7:19pm Jun 14th 12

Very nice work man. Do you have set prices for your work?


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7:22pm Jun 14th 12

Thanks for the comments guys! :)

Not really set prices, usually just charge a hourly rate.
If you know what you want I can get a quote for you as soon as you let me know.

Set prices is tough since some work could take much longer depending on what sort of design or a long draft process.


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7:31pm Jun 14th 12

Nice job, was expecting a more creative and unique website, but well done AP. I'm about to launch my personal site soon as well, still trying to decide whether to make it single page or not


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7:59pm Jun 14th 12

loving your work man, espcially the simplicity and effectiveness of the Jensen engineering logo, thaough be successful


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8:10pm Jun 14th 12

Yep heart you AP

raf simons

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8:41pm Jun 14th 12

Great stuff A.P, all of it is really nice, gl with the store


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8:53pm Jun 14th 12

I really like the set out of your website! It works really well with your style of work, mainly the SBTRKT and the Bon Iver works.