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Black Ops 2 confirmed to have dedicated servers!

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3:07pm Jun 21st 12

Yes but.. LEAN IS BACK BOYS! Woohoo! No lean is the only reason I don't like MW3. And now it's making it's return I'm happy!


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4:00pm Jun 21st 12

so you think dedicated servers, lean and adjustable fov will make the game any less shit?

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4:14pm Jun 21st 12

have to agree with neg here. im actually surprised people bought mw3 after what IW gave us with MW2.


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4:25pm Jun 21st 12

People got it because they like the game... You are quake players and will never be happy with these games. I'm sorry but your opinions don't really count for me because you never will move on from horrid games. But thats my opinion on your games. As you can see I think your games are shit just like you think ours are. Please go back and enjoy your guildwars and ET.. zz


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4:25pm Jun 21st 12

have to agree with neg here. im actually surprised people bought mw3 after what IW gave us with MW2.

Quote from ApexjE on the 21st of June 2012
MW2 wasn't a bad game imo. Scrimming on it was quite enjoyable. It had potential it just lacked popularity, mod tools, and dedicated servers.


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4:31pm Jun 21st 12

Atmos, i own every cod game, and played them all, i even was excited for MW2 and played it for quite a bit, and black ops to a degree (was still dissapointed with MW2 so wasn't sure on BO)


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4:34pm Jun 21st 12

Pub doesnt and never will count towards knowing if it is good or not..

I'm sorry but you stick your nose and opinion into every single game forum on this website and its pretty annoying when you clearly just sheep all the "big" people and just post boost.


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4:36pm Jun 21st 12

Don't get me wrong bby I still love just ^


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4:37pm Jun 21st 12

i didn't play pub i scrimmed, quite alot in cod4, [email protected] and mw2, not so much black ops though. now get on steam already, i wanna ask you something.


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4:38pm Jun 21st 12

Ill jump on once im home in like an hour. Got an xbox scrim @ 7 so make it quick or IM on here?


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4:39pm Jun 21st 12

yeah added you to CG friends lol <3


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4:44pm Jun 21st 12



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6:05pm Jun 21st 12

Atmosphere, why are you so fucking dumb?

This game will be trash, just like every other cod game since cod2.

If you try and say any of the rest are good, it proves you have a retarded brain.


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6:12pm Jun 21st 12

Got an xbox scrim

Quote from Atmosphere on the 21st of June 2012
makes me thing your opinion is invalid about all PC games.


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6:15pm Jun 21st 12

Modtools on release or games dead
If the mod chosen is anything like bo, games dead

Most likely that the game will die before it gets off the ground, I don't see any top teams even bothering to buy the game unless modtools is released with the game