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Higgs Boson Particle essentially "found"

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5:42pm Jul 4th 12

This is all a lie.

There is no god particle, only one god up above.



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6:01pm Jul 4th 12

If they can harness it

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If they are able to understand and further replicate the creation of mass. This could result in land expansion on a huge way. But that would be way further in the future where we would be long gone by then.


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6:14pm Jul 4th 12

If I insert this so called "god-particle" into my johnson will it get bigger, if so I will help fund this experiment.


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6:29pm Jul 4th 12

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And yet you post it on CG -_-


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5-sigma ( less than 1 in 3.5 million it's a mistake) bitches!


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and nuke, eat a dick


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9:21pm Jul 4th 12

5-sigma ( less than 1 in 3.5 million it's a mistake) bitches!


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and nuke, eat a dick

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Look bloke I highlighted retarded as not to stereotype; if you want to put yourself in that category yourself be my guest m8.

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1:28am Jul 5th 12

fuck this, I'm going to church

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8:06pm Jul 5th 12

Such an amazing discovery. Not sure I fully understand it myself by I have a fair Idea. While we will not have a complete understanding of the big bang it will help in countless aspects.

@Banzia, one of the most important I think is Light travel, when the big band occurred matter got shot out at light speed, and until this discovery scientist could not prove why it would slow down and not still be traveling at that speed.

HIggs boson shows that when particles travel through the Higgs field, which occupies empty space also known as vacuums, it acquires mass, slowing it down. now that we understand why particles slowed down from the speed of light, maybe we can begin research into reversing that. This is what I took in most from my readings.

[[email protected],] I haven't read much about dark energy, but as far as time Goes, I think that something we need to keep in mind when trying to understand time is that, time the way we know it, is only a human invention, as a MEASUREMENT of existence. That why I dont know if is something that will ever be 'traveled' per say, not the way we think it can be. The simplest way to explain what im saying I guess is that they say we see the light from a sun100 light years away now, where is this sun may have blown up by the time we see it, and we think of this as seeing back in time because we can see something that happened 100 light years ago. Now in saying that though the light in question is still in 'our time' it is just now in a different place. I think that makes sense :S[/SPOILER]


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9:45pm Jul 5th 12

why did this xbox mod bury/delete relevant posts

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Took the words out of my mouth Putto, fucking my own thread as well. Stoned CROW, Your post was fine and constructive, it's a shame you had to go and attempt to "moderate" like a retard. Stick to your own section fool.


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Stoned Crow; get the fuck out of the general section you spastic cunt.

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12:23am Jul 6th 12

massive breakthrough for particle physics, cannot wait to see where this takes us now!


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8:24am Jul 6th 12

great news, a giant step