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Thread started by Dicellol on Monday, 12:04am July 16th with 45 replies. Views: 2,839


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1:58am Jul 16th 12


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2:02am Jul 16th 12

Killers, Foals, Vampire Weekend and Grinspoon are all great artists.
However, it's gonna need a decent 2nd announcement for me to be buying a ticket.


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3:29am Jul 16th 12

when are they going to make a second announcement?


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3:47am Jul 16th 12

In my opinion not as good as some of the past Big day outs But still good with 360,Red hot chilli peppers,B.O.B


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6:43am Jul 16th 12

Gambino side show please!


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9:44am Jul 16th 12

Very, very average.

Quote from Dicellol on the 16th of July 2012

RHCP and Grinspoon are reason enough...But you do list dubstep as a favoured style of music on your CG we can't expect too much musical taste from you. =)


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9:53am Jul 16th 12

Kaskade, Nicky Romero, Pretty Lights, Adventure Club, Gambino and Crystal Castles
not to bad


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10:37am Jul 16th 12

Not even anyone good playing

I saw 360, makes me want to cut my dick off tbh


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10:53am Jul 16th 12

Not an amazing line-up.


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11:51am Jul 16th 12

Gambino side show please!

Quote from terror on the 16th of July 2012
fucking this.


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12:06pm Jul 16th 12

soooooooooooooooo much better than the last 3 years lol last year id rather have thrown $165 down the drain than gone.. nicky romero alone is worth taking the day out to go see


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12:12pm Jul 16th 12

bloody beetroots are amazing live so much energy, nicky romero yeah yeah yeahs, killers, adventure club <3


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12:19pm Jul 16th 12

The line up is getting worse each year, goes well with the ever increasing ticket price.


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1:36pm Jul 16th 12

Not too shabby.


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1:50pm Jul 16th 12

Shit shit and shit. Il be going to stereo and soundwave instead