Skyrim as a MMORPG

Skyrim as a MMORPG

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rpg's like rockets?

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Elder Scrolls online could be good if done properly but somehow i think that won't happen. I don't really know how long they have been working on it but it has not seemed long enough for it to be a polished game.


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2:48am Jan 25th 13

O my...Morowind dwarfed Skyrim in almost every way possible.. it is not down to opinions. I can bet my bottom dollar that all the people on this thread saying Skyrim is great haven't played any other Elder's Scrolls.

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I have played every elder scrolls game since playstation and i think skyrim is a great game just as the elder scroll games before it..

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if that's by suggesting you played it on playstation, morrowind was only one xbox and pc and the ones before that only pc.


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React qG

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Hey guys, everyone has there own opinions on skyrim and to be honest, they're all very different.

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Parts of Skyrim can be viewed as objectively worse than Morrowind, not just opinions.

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Thats your opinion


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6:48am Jan 25th 13

You obviously are a moron if you cannot see how Oblivion & Skyrim were fails compared to Morrowind.

Perfect RPGs my fucking arse.


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7:54am Jan 25th 13

Thats your opinion

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8:54am Jan 25th 13

First up, I missed the Arena/Daggerfall boat. First TES game I got was morrowind.

It was absolutely amazing. This would probably have to be my favourite RPG of all time (along with Chrono Trigger).

Skyrim is also good, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, but after finishing the main storyline I lost the will to keep playing. It does not live up to the epicness of Morrowind.

Morrowind > Skyrim > > > Oblivion (I don't know why but I found Oblivion shit compared to these other two)


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10:57am Jan 25th 13

Skyrim would amazing multi player
just think how fun it would be running around smashing trolls and what not you know what im saying


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11:13am Jan 25th 13

Elder scrolls online looks poor imo.


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7:08pm Jan 25th 13

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9:31pm Jan 25th 13

if cities were a little bigger, would work quite well I reckon.