Yuck !

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if you have a weak stomach please dont watch


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12:36am May 4th 13

wow dafuq


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12:36am May 4th 13

cunt got so outplayed.

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12:37am May 4th 13

when i watched this my mouth sarted tingling


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12:50am May 4th 13

Why would you post this?

Cashew xo

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it was fireworks pretty sure, seen it before


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2:21am May 4th 13

OMG poor guy! must been in so much pain


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2:54am May 4th 13

Tears rolling down his face, Blood on his tee-shirt. BEST GET THE FUCKING CAMERA AND VIDEO TAPE DAT SHIET


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4:57am May 4th 13

Give him a panadol.. He'll be right.. Might have trouble digesting it..


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6:22am May 4th 13

that may have hurt

Daza 88

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6:43am May 4th 13

anyone feel like stirfry????


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8:06am May 4th 13

what the

Bazz x

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8:17am May 4th 13



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5:44pm May 4th 13

hehehe put your mouth back on fool


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6:15pm May 4th 13

Why the long face?