LFC 5s

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9:10pm May 4th 13 and edited 7:12pm May 13th 13

Hi CG, Looking for a top team which takes 5s seriously
Gamertag: Methodixe
Guns: MSMC, SWAT-556, M27
Sound: Turtle Beaches x32
Previous experience: Top CGo
Available Times: Weekend - Whenever, Week - Anytime in the afternoon when I don't have Homework or work
Maps: Raid, Standoff and Yemen
Extra: Looking for a team that takes it seriously and is willing to scrim and strat when needed
~ Can trial tonight and tomorrow

Cyber Bandit

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9:19pm May 4th 13

Good player and very underated


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9:20pm May 4th 13

Has a good shot from what I've seen. Seems like a nice bloke also.

Good luck finding a team.


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9:24pm May 4th 13

Good up and coming player, needs a team to show him a few things but when he learns a bit more will dominate. Top CGo, best of luck m8


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9:30pm May 4th 13

Top cgo Bol


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11:20pm May 4th 13

cgd bol


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11:55pm May 4th 13

could play cgp but would suit cgd


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12:09am May 5th 13



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12:17am May 5th 13

Top cgo/cgd Bol bro


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12:19am May 5th 13

Top 20 CGo BoL

12:27am May 5th 13

Top 50 CGo

Horrible player with a horrible attitude. Always bullying fellow competitors and always abusing unsuspecting victims. He should be banned due to lack of respect. Absolute muppet


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12:28am May 5th 13

^ Who the hell are you?

12:31am May 5th 13

I played a pug with you the other day. You were being very abusive to other members, including me. I don't appreciate that, you should apologize to everyone involved you low life


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12:33am May 5th 13

How could I have played a PUG with you if you have been banned for over 2 months...

12:35am May 5th 13

I was spectating, just listening to you abuse members for no reason, except when your buddy said it was because you have a crazy family. And you're dad smokes meth, I believe?