Lets create Australia's bigges...

Lets create Australia's biggest GTA V Crew!

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Thread started by Shoddy Revolver on Tuesday, 3:44pm May 7th with 143 replies. Views: 10,867


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4:38pm May 7th 13

i'm keen


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4:44pm May 7th 13

Put me down, ill help anyway possible

Shoddy Revolver

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4:44pm May 7th 13

17.9.2013 still a way to go but i want to be ready for this. So once i get it i can just jump in and play with no messing about, so can every one else.


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4:46pm May 7th 13

Yea im keen


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4:49pm May 7th 13

I'd be keen and I know heaps of mates will join as well,

Team name - MindFreak GTA Sports


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4:53pm May 7th 13

im keen bro!


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5:10pm May 7th 13

Over excited now. lol.

Im down like the syndrome.


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5:50pm May 7th 13

Im down for this!

Crew name: Grove St Hooligans


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5:55pm May 7th 13

Crew Name:

Sons of Anarchy

Eternity H1TMAN

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5:55pm May 7th 13

Grove street elite!!!

Shoddy Revolver

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6:09pm May 7th 13

This is great! Some good names coming through too. Here is a link anyone who is really keen to come on board early and get it all set up and play a part from the very beginning. This is just a sub domain until a Crew name can be decided and a domain purchased. Then it can be moved away from my clan as it will not be affiliated with it to keep things fair.

Will be looking for admins to be given equal standing also to keep things fair. That have something to offer eg previous, admin experience, graphics people etc.

Note: The forum is only there if you guys want it, if it gets numbers i'll keep it up and make it pretty. Im happy either way as there are so many of you wanting to play.


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6:13pm May 7th 13

I'm keen as and i might know a few people that will be keen aswell


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8:16pm May 7th 13

Crew Name: Cool Beans Tag: Bean
Crew Name: Hot Rods Tag: HR/Rods/Hord

All from Movie Hot rod hehehe

AsX dominate

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8:22pm May 7th 13

I'm keen. Bump this about a week before it comes out.


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8:26pm May 7th 13

keen as a bean