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Thread started by Little King Lowe on Friday, 7:49pm May 24th with 17 replies. Views: 868

Little King Lowe

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7:49pm May 24th 13 and edited 9:04am May 25th 13

Little intro

sup everyone! just looking for a team aee c: CGo only as i just want to play. Leagues would be all good but i know i wouldn't get that haha i know heaps of you guys don't like me but that is all good just go around me and avoid me :L haha allgood?


Name: James
Location: New Zealand
Experiance: Played cybergamer since early 2012 and i have just played CGo
Activity: I can be online from 7pm onwards...
Gamertag: LittleKingLowe

What i am looking for.

~ A team which is wanting to compete and not just stay at one point of the ladder and play a match when it happens. So a team which wants to be #1 and win.
~ A team which is active and is looking for another player to complete their line-up. Unless you are just starting a team and wanting to be full serious and taking time starting up your team.
~ A team which wants to grow as a team and become better and can be stable (to a extent). So not kicking a player over a little dispute, or kicking someone for not being on for one night, and not constantly picking up new players.
~ A team which has a captain who puts in the effort to captain the team and isn't bossy and controlling, and doesn't say "if you don't do ...... you are getting kicked"

Little ending

So that is all i can think of to say at the moment, message me or post if you would like to know something else and i will edit this post.

Cheers everyone!

[SPOILER=SPOILER: Click to view]Tried making my LFC pretty, didn't work. Sorry *not sorry*[/SPOILER]


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7:51pm May 24th 13

Top 10 CGo bol


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7:52pm May 24th 13

Top CGd pushing CGa

TomTube ez

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7:53pm May 24th 13



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8:01pm May 24th 13

Biggest team Hopper AU.
Top15 CGo.

Little King Lowe

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7:43am May 25th 13

Bump-Up :O


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9:22am May 25th 13

Haven't seen him play in a while but what I remember was a decent player.
say top CGo
once he gets back into the swing of things CGd
bol bruv


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9:26am May 25th 13

top CGo BOL finding


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9:59am May 25th 13

bad top 20 CGO

Little King Lowe

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4:44pm May 25th 13

still looking can trial tonight


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4:45pm May 25th 13

isn't leagues, T20 CGO.


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4:48pm May 25th 13

Better than all these maggots posting cgo. CGd

Little King Lowe

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8:26pm May 25th 13

Shot Minuuq! bump still looking!


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8:54pm May 25th 13

As I remember he was a good player, good shot and good smarts

But blames a lot of things on other people


Little King Lowe

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8:06pm May 26th 13

stillll looooking