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4:25pm May 26th 13

Hey my names Ragersaurass

Originally from PS3, but i recently just bought a xbox.

LFC for a CGd or CGa team for season 2 bops 2.

Playing my 2nd season of CGa on ps3 atm with some top blokes.

I could easily hold my own I reckon in CGd or a, just waiting for my converter so i can use my ps3 controller, as I
don't like the feel of the xbox 1.

If your interested in trialing me Add/message Ragersaurass on xbox live and ill be happy to scrim with use.

(My converter will be arriving some time between 26/30th of may so ill be at my full potential then, but i can still scrim with the xbox controller for the time being.

And if ur interested in screenies of how i performed just scroll on my recently posted threads etc on my profile and go through them.

Reply on this or inbox if your interested

Peace and love ty ty.


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4:39pm May 26th 13

Nice guy, and solid on PS3



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4:52pm May 26th 13

Seems to talk shit over on ps3, hopefully will change coming over to xbox.

CGd with ease.


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4:53pm May 26th 13

trolling isnt talking shit zilzey u lil qtpie ^.^


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5:04pm May 26th 13



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5:25pm May 26th 13

Xim > PS3 soz beb


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5:37pm May 26th 13

What converter you getting? Wont you need something for your headset to work?

Also just get used to the xbox controller..literally 1000x better


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5:55pm May 26th 13

getting the xcm converter sav, apparently that works fine cray was saying

also i hate the height difference and concaved controlls, gives me the shits and makes my hand sore hahaha


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6:00pm May 26th 13

No pain, no gain.


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6:02pm May 26th 13

no pain, no gain, no shame, watup


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6:45pm May 26th 13

Good bloke good player, carried pool play but chokes finals cga bol


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8:27pm May 30th 13

bump, still looking for a cga team now that cgd is not going ahead.

Was gunna trial for dynasty but there line up is pretty much finished, im able to trial right now!

got my converter so i can use ps3 so my shot is fine, msg ragersaurass on xbl now if ur keen

If i dont make cga, im happy to join a cgo team