Claw or SCUF?

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Thread started by KARROT on Monday, 8:17pm May 20th with 111 replies. Views: 10,882


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9:51pm Jun 11th 13

i run tactical flipped and jump shot every kill whilst ads.. but it has taken me like ages to perfect it.


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10:43pm Jun 11th 13

All good man!


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11:01pm Jun 11th 13

Btw my team accuses me of having a scuf every day. Don't get pissed off at it, be happy that you can do everything a scuf can without wasting your money on a modded controller.

Normal > Claw (looks ugly hahah) > Scuf

Quote from Dylan on the 20th of May 2013

i agree, if you play on default and can strafe and jumpshot every cunt accuses you of using a scuf, wish there was no such thing


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12:12am Jun 12th 13

:> Just pwnin' sum n00bz in CS m8. Headshots.


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12:15am Jun 12th 13

Don't play on claw, don't have a scuf, I play normal.
strafing and jump shoting is ez pez.


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12:18am Jun 12th 13

Or maybe make a scuff like I did


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7:51pm Jul 30th 18 and edited 10:25pm Jul 6th 19

I prefer Claw, to be honest it better than scuf.
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