Looking for a clan or team

Looking for a clan or team

Looking for a clan or team

Thread started by SpecialHunter on Wednesday, 3:01pm August 14th. Views: 1,045


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3:01pm Aug 14th 13

Hey guys im cptspear

i am currently practing and learning more about starcraft. about my self i was a professional warcraft 3 frozen throne ladder player with awesome micro and macro in warcraft 3. i just recently got starcraft 2 hots and love it but atm making alot of mistakes and willing to improve. i want to join a team or clan that can help me improve on my skill level and help me practice to maybe be 1 of the best in Australia 1 day. i am dedicated and willing to learn and improve i dont want to get into any scrims or battles till i feel confident. i only been playing for about 5 days so still new to this type of game.

If your interested then please leave a comment. i play on asia servers ign: cptspear or add me threw email: [email protected]


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3:55pm Aug 14th 13

Play minimum 6 hours a day for 6 months then come back to me and tell me that you want to be number 1 in aus.