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Thread started by The Walker on Saturday, 11:18am August 24th with 19 replies. Views: 1,464


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2:05pm Aug 24th 13

U need a resume for subway lol


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2:20pm Aug 24th 13

U need a foot long for subway.


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2:47pm Aug 24th 13

The fuck scrumdog giving good advice?

who the fucks the admin btw

scuba steve is like 4 years ago


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2:48pm Aug 24th 13

Not trying to be a dick.

There's no point making a thread when someone can copy and paste something from google into here to tell you.

I don't understand why your first point of call is cybergamer?


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2:50pm Aug 24th 13

Going to lock the thread because I can see this getting out of hand and your question has been answered by NewGuy.
In future try use initiative, you would be amazed at how much a quick google search can achieve.