Some CoD Nostalgia

Some CoD Nostalgia

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3:51pm Aug 25th 13 and edited 7:02pm Aug 25th 13

Hey all,

I very rarely post here now days, but some of you may know I am coming to Melbourne next week for CGPL.

I plugged in one of my old HDD and found most of my old CoD1, CoD2 frag videos I downloaded years ago. I thought i would chuck what I couldn't find on YouTube up, the rest were just all up there.

Hopefully this will build the hype for CGPL and for what is left for CoD4 after this LAN.

Please don't spam the thread of crap as I will just delete the post.

Thanks ;)

Some other great Frag videos from other games

Just thought i would share this with some people, if you have other good frag videos to share please do so


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4:12pm Aug 25th 13

froth coL 2004


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4:36pm Aug 25th 13

Garandhero rofl he still alive?


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4:53pm Aug 25th 13

So many good movies. Loved that Dignitas movie back in the day.


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6:47pm Aug 25th 13

great collection


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6:59pm Aug 25th 13

idk why but this was one of my favourite cod4 frag movies of all time.


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7:02pm Aug 25th 13

3rd from top is probz my fav


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7:14pm Aug 25th 13

Wow that's some serious nostalgia in those clips, well done.


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7:54pm Aug 25th 13

feat. the one and only |ATS|Entice


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8:23pm Aug 25th 13

CoD1 and 2 movies are actually fun to watch, unlike CoD4 movies which I think says something about the gameplay.


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8:42pm Aug 26th 13

hugest hard-on at coL 2004


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8:19am Aug 27th 13

i wonder what luckeR is doing now


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9:00am Aug 27th 13

decerto 1 thats big

also coL iongamers, elcamino.wmv and a few others like CoD1 CPL 2004 highlights.wmv - still got these!

adamB - Patriot

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7:02pm Sep 13th 13

Holy shit seeing myself get killed in the Revelry one shouldn't feel this good.


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10:06pm Sep 13th 13

Dat MP44 so much better in CoD 2 than CoD 4