Mindfreak eSports re-enters Le...

Mindfreak eSports re-enters League of Legends!

Mindfreak eSports re-enters League of Legends!

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1:43pm Oct 23rd 13

After some time, Mindfreak eSports has decided to re-enter the League of Legends scene! Boasting a lineup of well known players and rising stars, Mindfreak.LoL seeks to again reach the top of League of Legends eSports in Australia. The new lineup is as follows:

Manuel "elvte" Gonzalez (c) - ADC (HotSoggyDecimate)
Jordan "Zeforus" Wong - Support (HotSoggyDecimate)
Aaron "ChuChuz" Chu - Mid laner
Tim "Carbon" Wendel - Jungle (Avant-Garde)
Zane "Katy" Woodhead - Top (Reborn)
Marco "ShoTzz" Mantarro - Manager / Substitute (Chiefs)

Team captain "elvte" had this to say about the new venture:

"Its great to be back under the MF banner. For a long time, Mindfreak have been a household name in Australian eSports and we look forward to partnering with them not only to achieve as a team, but to continue to grow the profile of Australian eSports on the global stage."

Look out for our boys in upcoming competitions such as the recently re-introduced ESL Go4LoL Cups!


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1:46pm Oct 23rd 13

Ooh, next season will be interesting :3 Welcome back MF and good luck


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1:54pm Oct 23rd 13

Looks good,
Another strong team to help even out the competition.


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4:52pm Oct 23rd 13

Welcome back MF


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5:44pm Oct 23rd 13



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10:39pm Oct 23rd 13

wooh, another high-potential team! will be good to see an upset somewhere ;)

best of luck friends!


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10:46pm Oct 23rd 13

Great to see MindFreak back! Best of luck guys.


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12:04am Oct 24th 13

Fuck yeah, elvte zef botlane gg.


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3:47am Oct 24th 13

Fuck yeah, elvte zef botlane gg.

Quote from Icing on the 24th of October 2013

Fuck yeah, elvte botlane gg.


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4:11pm Oct 24th 13

can confirm zef is best lee in aus


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10:29pm Oct 24th 13

confirmed hamiltonmattress second best lb in aus


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11:28am Oct 25th 13

pls. Who do you think taught hotshot everything he knows mabye ill teach you the mysteries of leblanc one day. one day..


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12:23pm Oct 25th 13

Zane "Katy" Woodhead - Top (Reborn)
[SPOILER=SPOILER: Click to view]http://images.wikia.com/elderscrolls/images/1/11/If_you_know_what_I_mean_.png[/SPOILER]

Welcome back, Mindfreak!


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7:03pm Oct 25th 13

Amazing team, vsed them last night.

Nice guys and have some good synergy, will be scary to vs in the CG ladder.

- Auzz <3


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7:49pm Oct 25th 13

maybe i should branch out my games and support a team other than cod o.0