New sc2 player. Help?

New sc2 player. Help?

New sc2 player. Help?

Thread started by The Witch King on Saturday, 9:49am November 16th with 2 replies. Views: 1,693

The Witch King

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9:49am Nov 16th 13

Hey all, I finnaly got my hands on starcraft 2. I played a few online games and got absolutely destroyed. Actually, i have no idea what i am doing haha.

Anyway, i want to get into the competitive side of it on here and make some new friends that i can play some 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4 matches with, well, when i know how to play.

So could anyone point me in the right direction and summarise how the system works on this site? It would be most appreciated thanks :)

Hope to chat with you all soon

ps: I want to be good a terran


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10:39am Nov 16th 13

Find a build that you like for whatever reason.
Perfect it (serious)

Watch some Day[9]

Apollo as well

And try to have fun!


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12:23pm Nov 16th 13

yeah day9 dailies are soo good newbie tuesdays or what ever it was absolutely fantastic and heaps informative.

find a race you like, look up some pro streams or the 3 most common builds and practice the one you find works with your play style the best once you learn the mechanics you're free to learn other builds or be creative on your own.