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Thoughts on Competitive in Ghosts so far?

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Thread started by Im Blue on Tuesday, 6:50pm November 19th with 32 replies. Views: 1,625


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10:03pm Nov 19th 13 and edited 10:14pm Nov 19th 13

Gameplay itself is better then BO2. Most maps would seem to big for CTF even it were introduced. Would be nice if Hardpoint made a return.

Im Blue

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10:09pm Nov 19th 13

Yer I actually miss hardpoint myself.


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10:14pm Nov 19th 13

Are you going to make a pointless reply to every post in this thread to keep boosting your post count?

Im Blue

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10:18pm Nov 19th 13

No I like replying to posts mate


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10:27pm Nov 19th 13

decent so far, bit fucked up with next gen interrupting though

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10:37pm Nov 19th 13

ye really good hey. like i love playin it competitivley. not in a team yet but i play public to the upmost competitivness know what i mean? sers


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11:05pm Nov 19th 13

After watching TeePee spawn in the enemy's base in Blitz - Warhawk against Curse, I lol'd & yelled broken.


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11:25pm Nov 19th 13

this game wasn't made with competitive in mind. eSports have done well to make the best use of what infinity ward have given us, forming a somewhat competitive and fun game. there are still significant flaws which will be etched out slowly.

but for now, gameplay is sick. but this has definitely been massive step backwards for comp cod since BO2. it will be interesting to see if comp cod continues the growth it experienced this year, both in terms of the number of players and the number of spectators.


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11:43pm Nov 19th 13

Great if its SnD, Dom can be okay, but I honestly don't like Blitz. I love the feel of the game, its really smooth. It just feels like its lacking something. Nothing a patch of two can't fix though im sure.

EnTRopY aS

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12:18am Nov 20th 13

After watching TeePee spawn in the enemy's base in Blitz - Warhawk against Curse, I lol'd & yelled broken.

Quote from Brq on the 19th of November 2013

I literally punched the wall when I saw that spawn.


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12:56am Nov 20th 13

Yea Extinction is definately gonna be a favorite


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1:25am Nov 20th 13

If anyone says 5s is shit on this game they're barking, without a doubt better than the last 3 cods. Can't really judge on the 4s side of things, but if they reintroduced ctf I'd be more inclined to play.


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2:55am Nov 20th 13

I am actually not a massive fan of 5's for this game. The maps are generally to big and way to cluttered. you die instantly which just promotes people sitting in corners with AR's and it really shits me that there is a HUD...

Scorson Scoring

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1:45pm Nov 20th 13

Needs more echoes


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4:36pm Nov 20th 13

Not a huge fan on the game in it's entirety, but comp is alright.