Team Primus Looking for Member...

Team Primus Looking for Member 4's - 360 Ghosts

Team Primus Looking for Member 4's - 360 Ghosts

Thread started by Blaize_95 on Saturday, 3:11pm December 14th with 2 replies. Views: 216


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3:11pm Dec 14th 13

We are looking for 1 ACTIVE member to join our Ghosts 4v4 team roster. Please not this is for the 360 ladder, though we will be switching to the xbox one hopefully in the near future.

Looking for a player who is:

Very active (Online at least 4 nights a week for scrims)
Has good communication
Preferably strong with SMG's
Someone who doesn't rage too much
Be motivated to improve as a team

Post this below:

Previous Teams:


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3:19pm Dec 14th 13

Hey mate Im Avior is keen, chuck him an add


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3:30pm Dec 14th 13

GT: whvt
Games/Gametypes: I go big in respawn modes but can clutch in SnD
Experience: A lot of 8's/Scrims Rank 18 CGo 4s for Blops2
Previous Teams: Sigma, Limitless
Availability: At least 5 days a week, usually more
Connection/Host: decent host
Sound: Turtle beach x11

I have a PVR also if that might help and can do some gfx