Official EPL Thread Week 16

Official EPL Thread Week 16

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Thread started by rampant; on Saturday, 5:24pm December 14th with 291 replies. Views: 15,093


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2:20am Dec 15th 13

also I think Arsenal will go downhill from here on out, I just see them crumbling in the next few weeks.


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2:22am Dec 15th 13

If they can't manage a point at Chelsea then it's over.


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2:29am Dec 15th 13

Fuck yea Palace.

Ow Nonu Bro

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2:30am Dec 15th 13



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2:31am Dec 15th 13

This is why Luiz should be benched. He is fucking overrated, worst defender we've had in a while. Definitely not the kind of player that should start for us


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2:33am Dec 15th 13

Chamakh scored for the 3rd week straight? Against chelsea? i think ive seen it all tonight.
Bed time
Go Palace doe!


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4:16am Dec 15th 13

Not even mad... Leeds spunked all over Doncaster 3-0... See you next year boys.


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7:43am Dec 15th 13

Hoping Tottenham and Liverpool draw.

Ow Nonu Bro

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11:42am Dec 15th 13

Same. Such awkward timing here in NZ. It's at 5 AM.. Dunno if I'll get up for that one, but it should be a good game


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11:50am Dec 15th 13

shame Palace couldn't pull off a draw against Chelsea, would have been good for us.


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12:33pm Dec 15th 13

arsenal were disgusting

stoke have fucked my multi already why do i bother


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12:40pm Dec 15th 13

Never bet against Hull mate. People never learn.


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12:40pm Dec 15th 13

Soo happy watching Milner, Walcott and Wilshere. They could run riot in World Cup after that, quality players, surprised Milner doesn't start, he's an animal and he never gives up and hits every challenge hard.

Quote from Hazzykens on the 15th of December 2013

Agreed. Milner is very underrated. You don't get a spot in a midfield with Yaya, Silva, Nasri, Navas etc. if you aren't a quality player.

If every team had a player as hard-working and as versatile as Milner they'd be stoked.


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8:46pm Dec 15th 13

Weow i missed out on the thread :(

Dat arsenal city game, i lol'd.

If citys away form was as good as there home, they'd be unbeatable.


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10:33pm Dec 15th 13

Must win game tonight / tomorrow for the Reds, still placing either 2-1, 2-0 LFC way.