MSI Saturday Showdown - Week E...

MSI Saturday Showdown - Week Eight Results Thread

MSI Saturday Showdown - Week Eight Results Thread

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This was the last tournament of the year and we saw a lot of players join us as well as our highest stream viewer count ever!

Congratulations to local Exile 5 player PiG for taking out the Koreans and 1st place! Runner up was Apocalypse who took $50 home for Christmas and in third place we had Korean Protoss Arthur!

A huge thank you to everyone who has participated this year over the last 4 months finally after eight tournaments we are starting to see some real growth!

The biggest thanks needs to go to our casters who have dedicated their time to streaming the event. DuckvilleLOL, LiviBee, Fenner, Another and Zepph have all come on board! Guest appearances have also occurred from players like ROOTViBe which is awesome!

Finally thanks to our admins, Reignyo and Crayola! Cheers for helping guys!

Merry Christmas everyone and I look forward to seeing you all again in the New Year

You can find the vods for the tournament on DuckvilleLOL's channel -


1st - $100 x5.PiG
2nd - $50 Apocalypse
3rd - $25 Arthur

The top 8 players also received points for their placings and these will be updated fortnightly on the new CyberGamer StarCraft II Ladder System!

The next Saturday Showdown will be in the new year so be watching the forums for more info!