[ATTN] PUG Bot Update ~ New Ga...

[ATTN] PUG Bot Update ~ New Gametypes!

[ATTN] PUG Bot Update ~ New Gametypes!

Thread started by elo booster on Sunday, 7:07pm December 22nd with 16 replies. Views: 1,470

elo booster

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7:07pm Dec 22nd 13

[font=tahoma]PUG BOT UPDATE![/font]


This is a just a quick announcement thread to introduce a couple of new game types in our PUG Bot. I am happy to announce that 3v3 PUGS for both the Xbox One and Xbox 360 are in effect as of right now! Hopefully with the input of the new 3v3 ladder, the PUG Bot can finally be active again, so get pugging!

[font=tahoma]ATTN PUG Admins[/font]
Your perms have now been updated to include the two new PUG modes, if you have any problems feel free to message me. I would love some feedback on the activity of the PUG Bot, so if you have any input please don't hesitate to let me know.

That's all for today. Remember, if you have any questions please feel free to message either myself or one of the PUG Admins.

AU Xbox Head Pug Administrator

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7:08pm Dec 22nd 13

implying pugs


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7:10pm Dec 22nd 13

Yay! Good work!


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7:11pm Dec 22nd 13

Love it!


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7:11pm Dec 22nd 13

Omg Yes! Great work!


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7:11pm Dec 22nd 13

Sick! This is great!

I Am DeLuca

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7:15pm Dec 22nd 13

Sick ! Finnallyyyy!


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7:23pm Dec 22nd 13

nice job Bick m8


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7:55pm Dec 22nd 13

Nice good work

Adt Clone

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9:58pm Dec 22nd 13

CG getting desperate for pugs to continue?


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11:52pm Dec 22nd 13

looks great, cant wait to play

elo booster

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12:03am Dec 23rd 13

CG getting desperate for pugs to continue?

Quote from Adt Clone on the 22nd of December 2013
Nope, but people made a request for it, also it is good to have a pug bot for a new ladder to test things out.


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9:05am Dec 23rd 13

looks good nice work bickle


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12:25pm Dec 23rd 13

3v3? disgusting


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4:11pm Dec 23rd 13

Must say that I'm loving them so far, so much more chilled and fun to play. Well done Bickle!