(Xbox 360) Integrity New Years...

(Xbox 360) Integrity New Years FTP ODC

(Xbox 360) Integrity New Years FTP ODC

Thread started by Nexxus II on Sunday, 3:45pm December 22nd with 109 replies. Views: 8,843

Nexxus II

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3:45pm Dec 22nd 13 and edited 1:11am Dec 28th 13

Due to the recent Reel Talk Gaming Christmas ODC working out so well, Integrity eSports have decided to host their own tournament for New Years! It will be a Ghosts 4v4 double elimination tournament, the details are below.


Console: Xbox 360
Format: 4v4 Double Elimination
Date: Saturday 28th of December
Time: 12:00pm AEDT
Stream: Yet to be organised
Game Day Thread: http://au.cybergamer.com/forums/thread/526990/Integrity-New-Years-FTP-ODC-~-GameDay-Thread/

Sign Up Lockout: Friday 27th of December 12AM AEDT
Maximum Teams: NO MAX!
Referees: GT: NetGodSnopey (CG Ref), Maeseo (CG Ref)
Seeding: The first 10 teams will get a seed according to the order in which they registered, rest will be random
How to Sign Up: Post in this thread your team name and 4 players, 1 sub is allowed.

Team Name
- Player 1
- Player 2
- Player 3
- Player 4

*Make sure you use correct gamertags*

[SPOILER=Teams]InTegrity: Hype Nexxus ~ Hype Swaney ~ Its xJusticeee ~ SX PiTTY ~ SUB: NetGodSnopey
Empoze: VoRa Huskz ~ empoze Raid ~ oG kRiMx ~ Scumbag Tyler
VN eSports: xVewDew ~ EC Zelos ~ Juust C ~ VN Twisted ~ SUB: VN Reborn
ViLe Gaming: ViLe Axiiee ~ ViLe NexGen ~ ViLe Nexis ~ TBA ~ SUB: Tm Mattt
Extinguish gaming: EndlessEpitomy ~ batotasalota ~ wheatbix96 ~ ruth1355 much ~ SUB: ext pwnstar
Function 13: King JayZeee ~ MrHellBringer12 ~ CircleJerknArab ~ Wiffy ~ SUB : Bxritto
12vies + Mase: Maeseo ~ xZevvi ~ Restalling ~ qfg ~ Sub: iOGC
Hazmat: Haz Hppaj ~ Haz Sasquatch ~ Talent V2 ~ LFM
Kelevra Aerial: Aer Bliss ~ Aer Nut ~ XiiRino ~ imp Joshy
Myth.sM: Semetric Astrz ~ Myth Vibezz ~ Myth Swifty ~ LFM ~ Sub: Flufffzor
Zero Patience: Below Lumzy ~ Turtleman1010 ~ JBYRN14 ~ The Syntax OG
TBA: bacabec ~ killerpineapple ~ a mellow life ~ TBA
Santas Whores: l Vurk l ~ xBroxiii ~ EnjoyGotSwag ~ Supreme RTG ~ Sub: YAYO Legend
Flight: Flight Trixiann ~ Flight Hijakk ~ Flight Intel ~ Flight Bawlzeye ~ SUB: Unique Kurt
Maori Warriors: MEGA Eminence ~ MEGA Kazama ~ Example Panik ~ Int Grimm ~ SUB: MEGAEthnz
Violent By Nature: ScumbagLowy ~ Reef Galloway ~ Euphourla ~ Jeans XX ~ Sub: Wattiesauce
Oculus Esports: Oculus Blue ~ Aussiextko ~ INSANE SKEPTIC ~ Vera Zime ~ Sub: Huksii
Satanic eSports: ScarredX Donut ~ Fariko Bunny ~ XxMon5ter88xX ~ Kraaj eZ
Flubba Bubba noonga: YAYO Legend ~ iQ Porchyy ~ OrangePotatoCat ~ iQ Square
Animosity: Le Batmann ~ Phuzyy ~ pattt ONER ~ Yessum0[/SPOILER]

[SPOILER=Maps and Game Modes]Domination - Strikezone
Domination - Sovereign
Domination - Freight
Domination - Octane

Search & Destroy - Sovereign
Search & Destroy - Freight
Search & Destroy - Octane
Search & Destroy - Warhawk

Blitz - Freight
Blitz - Octane
Blitz - Warhawk[/SPOILER]

*Map rotation, ruleset & bracket will all be available in the Gameday thread.
Please use this thread to register team ONLY, subs may also be added on gameday, if NOT already in a team.
If you have any questions please feel free to message me on cybergamer, or on xbox. GT: Hype Nexxus

Integrity wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!


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4:13pm Dec 22nd 13

Thanks for the compliment <3

-Manager of Reel Talk Gaming


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4:19pm Dec 22nd 13

inb4 Lord

Nexxus II

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4:20pm Dec 22nd 13

Thanks for the compliment <3

Quote from Legeend on the 22nd of December 2013

no problems!


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4:57pm Dec 22nd 13

time to get a team together!

Nexxus II

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5:01pm Dec 22nd 13

remember that seeding will be the order in which the teams sign up, so if you are not 100% sure if all your team players will be able to make it, just register your team anyway so you can have a good seed for the tournament! also Integrity's seed will be randomly selected as I don't think it is fair that we get number 1 seed because we made the tournament.


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5:09pm Dec 22nd 13

Kelevra Aerial - Aer Bliss (c) - XiiRino (c) - Aer Nut - Aer DeeJay


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5:55pm Dec 22nd 13 and edited 7:44am Dec 23rd 13

- Player 1: Ritzy xo (c)
- Player 2: Hii Scott (c)
- Player 3: fhiliblunts
- Player 4: Kierserr


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5:59pm Dec 22nd 13

inb4 Lord

Quote from Y0Levi on the 22nd of December 2013
No website so fine.

Nexxus II

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6:00pm Dec 22nd 13

Team Name
- Player 1: Ritzy xo (c)
- Player 2: Hii Scott (c)
- Player 3: fhiliblunts
- Player 4: Kierserr

Quote from Ritzy xo on the 22nd of December 2013

um, is your team name 'Team Name'?


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6:23pm Dec 22nd 13


- VoRa Huskz

- empoze Raid

- oG kRiMx



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6:28pm Dec 22nd 13


Primus Blaize


Im Avior


Sub: TBA


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7:23pm Dec 22nd 13

Implying people will be still be alive on NYD

Nexxus II

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7:26pm Dec 22nd 13

Implying people will be still be alive on NYD

Quote from #king on the 22nd of December 2013

ahah, yeah that's why I did it a few days before hand aha... wouldn't get a single team if you hosted one on new years day!


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7:27pm Dec 22nd 13


Mephmz ~ ParanoiYaa ~ KorupT aQ ~ Exciteee