Avant Garde welcomes Dota 2

Avant Garde welcomes Dota 2

Avant Garde welcomes Dota 2

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Avant are proud to announce their acquisition of newly reformed Australian Dota 2 team Can't say Wips. Can't say Wips recently underwent a fairly heavy roster change, introducing players Endless and Lippy from Australian powerhouse Hans Reborn, while retaining players Kirei(xMusica), Guanlne and SLiCKz from csW. The team was formed with the interest of competing at a high level internationally. The roster and player positions are as followed:

Justin 'Kirei/xMusica' Yuen (c ) - Middle Lane
Trent 'SLiCKz' Tucker - Carry
Tyler 'Endless' Verbakel - Offlane
Chris 'Guanlne' Wrona - Support/Jungle
Will 'Lippy' Chan - Hard Support

Jamie 'Lionberg' Irvin - Team Manager

With Kirei's experience in top level international Dota, representing Australia at The International 2012 and SLiCKz countless number of wins in international HoN including the recent DreamHack Summer, this team has a bright future ahead of them. Endless, Guanle and Lippy aren't to be left out, boasting impressive track records themselves. Endless and Lippy winning all except one Australian Dota tournaments they have entered in the last 6 months under Hans Reborn. Guanle not far behind, finishing 2nd in most events he entered with the old csW and getting a top placing in the Netolic Gosu Cup Asia out of hundreds of Asian teams.

After a long search, we're happy and delighted to be able to sign up with avant as our sponsors for Dota 2. We hope to be able to work and grow together with avant and also to achieve results as a team and organisation.

Quote from team captain Justin 'Kirei' Yeun

Avant Garde has been on the lookout for a Dota 2 team for quite a while now. We had contacted a few teams and while some looked promising and had good potential, their goals as a team did not match ours as an organisation. The newly formed csW team has great potential with a great attitude and willingness to not only represent our organisation within Oceania but also internationally. We look forward to working with them and helping them achieve the best they can.

Quote from Avant Garde CEO Wesley Collier

Lookout for the new Avant Dota 2 team at the upcoming SGL and keep an eye out for us online! A big thank-you to all our sponsors: Plantronics, CORSAIR, EIZO, NETGEAR and V Energy Drink for making this all possible.

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9:45pm Jan 5th 14

Beeeeeeast, looking forward to some 2014 DOTA


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9:47pm Jan 5th 14

Justin 'Kirei/xMusica' Yeun (c ) - Middle Lane
Trent 'SLiCKz' Tucker - Carry

Quote from Lionberg on the 5th of January 2014


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9:51pm Jan 5th 14

Nice pickup, good luck!


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9:56pm Jan 5th 14

Huge!!! BOL guys


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10:05pm Jan 5th 14

looking forward indeed


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10:05pm Jan 5th 14

TI4 Australian Representatives inc.


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10:15pm Jan 5th 14

Lippy you sunk my battleship.


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10:28pm Jan 5th 14

delighted with the pickup going to be a great year.


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10:35pm Jan 5th 14

Another incredible pickup from Avant. Great expansion for the org going into 2014. Expecting big things


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10:43pm Jan 5th 14

best of luck guys hope you bring avant many achievements to the plate, congrats avant


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11:25pm Jan 5th 14

welcome to the org boys!


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12:24am Jan 6th 14

These guise make Avengers look weak.