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8:06pm Jan 5th 14

y0, lfc 5s. Unsure if my team will go ahead, with people still unsure whether they will make the transition to next gen. Seeing as I wish to play X1, this seems like the best option.

GT: Kingslayar
Previous teams: Fallen, with Ease
Activity: Fairly active
Playstyle: Pretty versatile, although I favor an aggressive role
Guns: Vepr, K7, USR, FP6
Experience: Played CGo/d/m on MW3, then CGo/m BO2

Can trial now / tonight if needed, hit me up with a PM.


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8:08pm Jan 5th 14

You forgot Team Elevate

elo booster

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8:09pm Jan 5th 14

da king.


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8:13pm Jan 5th 14

ma widdle alex



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8:34pm Jan 5th 14

best of the best


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8:09pm Jan 6th 14

stronkest engaus player ever


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4:32pm Jan 9th 14

ty all


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4:38pm Jan 9th 14

ty all

Quote from KlNG on the 9th of January 2014

you arent even lfc shoosh


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4:44pm Jan 9th 14

bl m8