Titan Fall Beta release

Titan Fall Beta release

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Thread started by II Tikkot on Friday, 10:59pm February 14th with 25 replies. Views: 1,417


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6:44pm Feb 15th 14

Doubt it will kill COD.

Pub wise possibly, not comp.


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8:53pm Feb 15th 14

got a spare codeeeeee


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10:04am Feb 16th 14

Game is great, even for its limited content and laggy SEA servers. Got both a PC key and XBOne key but waiting on my XBOne so been playing it on PC. A lot of fun and a very fast game, always in combat.


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4:30pm Feb 16th 14

The Beta, is going LIVE sometime for all XBONE Users. No code required.


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5:18pm Feb 16th 14

anyone else cc to servers?


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10:36am Feb 17th 14

if it did become a competitive game, any thoughts on what platform it would be on? anyone played on both PC and console and seen a difference?


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3:57pm Feb 17th 14

well most big fps games that are for pc are slower passed games and by the sound of this it is faster so i would be xbox


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4:15pm Feb 18th 14

is it any good worth buying when it comes out??


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4:15pm Feb 18th 14

It's pretty fun considering it's like 2 maps.

II Tikkot

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6:39pm Feb 19th 14

My team would smash your team on it Lord

II Tikkot

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6:40pm Feb 19th 14

My titan has big metal nuts as a secondary weapon, and would headshot the hell out of your titan.