Introducing Vox Eminor MightyK...

Introducing Vox Eminor MightyKiwi!

Introducing Vox Eminor MightyKiwi!

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5:21pm Jun 15th 14


Official Announcement
After a long search for the right player Vox Eminor announces we are welcoming former SEED Academy member, David 'MightyKiwi' Gore.

The nineteen year old New Zealand Zerg has just returned from his six month stay in the ROOT Gaming House in Antioch, California and begins the next phase in his StarCraft II career.
With the departure of some of the top Australian and New Zealand players David hopes to cement his place at the top tier of ANZ StarCraft II while representing Vox Eminor. He will continue to base himself in New Zealand for the time being and play in local online events as well as The Australian Cyber League.

David says he is very excited to join Vox Eminor and is eager to represent the team while thinking he can be a valuable addition to a team which has been primarily focused on Counter Strike Global Offensive in recent times. "I can now take my game to the next level and test new waters while pulling in some good results locally" says David who recently won the first online qualifier for WCS ANZ giving himself a place in the top 16 finals.

David has shown his skill over the past two years with his rise to GrandMaster on the North American ladder proving that his hard work and dedication to practice has helped him to rise in the ranks locally in the StarCraft II scene.
Vox Eminor welcomes David to our family and looks forward to supporting him in his rise to complete domination in local StarCraft!


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5:24pm Jun 15th 14

Wow massive news, good luck vox, I hope it goes well!


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6:18pm Jun 15th 14

awesome stuff mate. glad to see starcraft 2 australians in the top


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6:36pm Jun 15th 14

who the ****?? Jokes bro, welcome to the team!


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6:44pm Jun 15th 14

Huge news, hope it all goes well for you guys! good luck voxe!


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7:46pm Jun 15th 14

Welcome and good luck