$1000 PC build?

$1000 PC build?

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4:18pm Dec 20th 14

Hello amazing people of Cybergamer land my dad is wanting a new PC build for around $1000 dollars. The computer does not need a hard drive as i intend to salvage the one from the last build. I would do this myself but my lack of computer knowledge is weak as of late.

The computer is not going to be running any high end applications just really word, internet explorer. I'm looking for this build to last a few years with minor upgrades.

Cheers SS


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5:19pm Dec 20th 14


Quote from s a b e r on the 20th of December 2014

Since he doesn't plan any gaming, I would say increase the system memory, and if he doesnt own a SSD, buy one! makes all the difference in day to day office apps.


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5:49pm Dec 20th 14

The system memory is the RAM. You said "since he doesn't plan on gaming", that you should increase.
4gb is 100% enough for a normal use computer, using word/excel/other Microsoft Suite programs as well as an internet browser. Having more is unnecessary and a waste.


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8:16pm Dec 20th 14

All my dad plans on using it for really is office, excel, solitare some other small programs. Is that a good build any other advice?


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9:09pm Dec 20th 14

mate, you could get away with like $700 easy if you're not buying it for gaming


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