Need advice on my builds Case...

Need advice on my builds Case & Cooling!

Need advice on my builds Case & Cooling!

Thread started by alexisonfireee on Friday, 12:49pm January 23rd. Views: 425


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12:49pm Jan 23rd 15

Hey guys so I've recently been able to finally save enough money for my build, have everything picked out except cooling and case.

As I start to browse on pccasegear i'm completely overwhelmed by the amount of cases there are. How do I go about choosing one? Also (not very good at computers in general) would most be able to fit any hardware I purchase or will cases have certain dimensions for different graphics card etc?

Thank you for any help!


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1:09pm Jan 23rd 15

Well what other parts do you have picked what's your budget, come back and post those things and then people can help you