PC Upgrading/Need advice on up...

PC Upgrading/Need advice on upgrades and cooling!

PC Upgrading/Need advice on upgrades and cooling!

Thread started by alexisonfireee on Thursday, 2:14pm February 12th with 13 replies. Views: 1,859


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2:14pm Feb 12th 15

Hey guys so my current specs are, any help would be GREATLY appreciated as I'm fairly pc illiterate when it comes to builds :)
First question concerning my upgrade


GPU: GeForce GTX 570
CPU: Intel Core i5 2500 @ 3.30GHz
8 gig of RAM
Motherboard: Asus P8Z 68-v LE

Roughly 5 years old most likely low end build. What I did recently was upgrade my case to

also put in a cpu cooler(well my friend did anyway) you can see here http://i.imgur.com/3Ahqj1c.jpg

I want to upgrade to

Would this be a suitable upgrade? Also what is the differences between all the i7's and how do you choose?!!

Second question regarding airflow

Laugh all you want, i'm actually not sure if the CPU cooler fan is EXHAUST or INTAKE..
If it is an intake I thought ideally you would want an exhaust at the back and intake at front and bottum?

Here is a picture assuming it is an intake fan of how my airflow works.

and my exhaust http://imgur.com/BGS644q

If I decide to upgrade, is cooling going to be a big problem for me? I like to run alot of virtual machines and am afraid that my PC will be to loud or hot if I decide to upgrade to something more powerful!

What can I do to upgrade my cooling and increase my airflow?

My CPU temps are
Idile: is 36 Celsius
low intense games(cod):45 Celsius
High intense games(bfhardline): 55 Celsius


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2:20pm Feb 12th 15

Those CPU temps are fine.

That motherboard and CPU upgrade that you posted aren't compatible. Regardless, depending on what games you play I'd be upgrading your video card before CPU.

Grab something nice like a GTX 970 or R9 290 and then upgrade your CPU later.

ps. those top fans are ghetto lol

edit: didn't read the virtual machines part. Depends what your priorities are because a 4790K is crazy overkill for gaming compared to that GTX570, but if you really do love your VMs...


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2:23pm Feb 12th 15

hat is the differences between all the i7's and how do you choose?!!

Quote from alexisonfireee on the 12th of February 2015

Main differences for the I7 would be is it a K version, memory cache, default clock speed including turbo clock speed.


Quote from alexisonfireee on the 12th of February 2015

Your airflow is fine by that pic cool air going through the CPU cooler and going straight up out through the top.

I like to run alot of virtual machines and am afraid that my PC

Quote from alexisonfireee on the 12th of February 2015

What do you mean by a lot ? When doing VM's you want a decent amount of RAM and a good processor the more cores the better

As for heating up when doing VM's , I can run three separate VM's on my laptop which isn't that high end and I won't go over 78c


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2:47pm Feb 12th 15

Thanks so much for the quick replies! Ahah and yes my top fans are as ghetto as they come, just a quick job until i find something more permanent.
As I said i'm not to great with PC's and was curious are these the only CPU's compatible with that motherboard?

If so I think ill be downgrading the motherboard yes?

I forgot to mention that a GPU is in the sights aswell but already have plans on what I want, just wanted to get all the info I could on the airflow and CPU/motherboard upgrade first


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2:55pm Feb 12th 15

Yeah unless you're doing some crazy shizz drop down to a 1150 motherboard. If you are getting the 4790K because of VMs etc then you'll want a Z97 board of some description, otherwise if you don't plan on overclocking and are going to get a non-K CPU then other chipsets are fine.


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5:22pm Feb 12th 15

Pretty much a either a ati 290 or geforce 970 is the way to go atm


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9:39pm Feb 12th 15

Yeah unless you're doing some crazy shizz drop down to a 1150 motherboard. If you are getting the 4790K because of VMs etc then you'll want a Z97 board of some description, otherwise if you don't plan on overclocking and are going to get a non-K CPU then other chipsets are fine.

Quote from LBJ on the 12th of February 2015
I actually feel kind of stupid for linking that motherboard now... I see what you mean by its not compatible, think I was just in a hurry and didn't realise on the section I was browsing.

So pretty much any Z97 board of my choosing? Is it just a matter of weeding out the motherboards with gimics when looking at price or is there a big difference in some?
Definitely plan on doing some overclocking so ill stick with the K.

Also abit off topic but my case has these ridiculous dust filters on the front and top(removed top). I realised that when I blew as hard as I could through them I could barely feel any air on the otherside. Should I remove them to increase airflow or is there something im missing.. Almost seemed as if they didn't think at all when designing this case lmao.

What about this baby?

what caught my eye was
Thermal Armor with Flow Valve - Total Airflow-boosting Heat Dissipation
TUF Fortifier - Damage Protection and Improved Cooling
Dust Defenders - Repel the Dust, Expand the Lifespan


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9:59pm Feb 12th 15

With the vast majority of the important stuff on the CPU or defined by the intel chipset there isn't a huge difference. That's a good motherboard but you really don't need to spend that much money. ASUS is my personal preference for motherboard brand, you basically can't go wrong with any of the ASUS Z97 boards, other than the Z97-K which i'd give a miss since it's missing a few features.

As for the dust filters, I wouldn't bother removing them unless you actually find temps are getting too high. Unless you're wanting to clean out your case very regularly or deal with higher temps from dust build up after time I'd leave them and see how they go.


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10:44pm Feb 15th 15

I'll look around and see if I can find one a tad cheaper for now but nice to know I don't have to spend to much..I also live in an incredibly dusty environment so I think i'll leave them on for now! Thanks again for the help it is appreciated so much!

Also curious if my Corsair HX-650 Power Supply is sufficient enough to run all this, or would I need an upgrade there aswell? The power supply is at most 5 years old.


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11:02pm Feb 15th 15

The HX-650 is plenty for that setup, they are a quality PSU.


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1:48pm Feb 16th 15 and edited 2:19pm Feb 16th 15

One last stupid question...
I currently have 2x4gig duel channel RAM


I want to increase it to 12-16gig, would it be better off the buy another 2x4gig of the same RAM or a complete new set of quad channel? (Not that I know what the difference is..)

*EDIT* nevermind I realised that obviously the motherboard will state what memory it supports....

A better question would be, do I have to get the exact same RAM to be compatible with the RAM I already have?


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6:12pm Feb 16th 15

Your motherboard supports dual channel configuration which means only up to two dimms that provide the bandwidth, however you have another two banks, which if you decide to fill up will not give you additional bandwidth but it will just increase capacity.

I recommend just buy the exact same kit (frequency voltages, latency) which will just double your capacity and you shouldn't run into any issues. Or you could just go out and buy a 2x8GB kit and sell your old kit up to you. Never tried different rated kits or brands together but it should work if voltages are the same, not 100% sure.

Quad channel supported motherboards and kits were introduced on the X79 and X99 chipset's (enthusiast platform), 4 dimms provide the bandwidth just like most dual channel motherboard's there is usually double the slots so up to 8 if you want to increase capacity. It is not recommended you buy two dual channel kits and use it in a quad channel configuration as they were not tested or validated to work together and the latency will not necessarily be the same from the equivalent dual to quad kits. There is also triple channel on the older X58 chipset.

So if you happened to have a X79 or X99 motherboard you will need to buy a quad channel kit, not match dual channel kits.


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6:16pm Feb 16th 15

Yeah mixing memory is not something that is highly recommended but 99% of the time it's fine. If you can buy another 2x4GB of identical RAM then that is your best bet and you should be fine, there are exceptions to this but it seems to have gotten better over the years and especially if you're not mixing size/frequency/memory OEM.

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7:50am Feb 21st 15

You need to work on that cable management aha.