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10:13pm Mar 3rd 15

I am a wordsmith who likes to try new things.
Please consider.


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10:19pm Mar 3rd 15

would love to try a new product, its free so 100% honest opinion and ive never tried TT so new experience.


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10:37pm Mar 3rd 15

Been using the the TT Black Mouse for ages.
Wouldn't mind checking out how TT have progressed with their mouses.


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2:23pm Mar 4th 15

Nice Work Spud!


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3:23pm Mar 4th 15

Congratulations to @~SuperNova @Phoenique @`sprint and @ziggypiggy - you lucky 4 have won our Tt eSPORTS VENTUS Mouse Community Giveaway!

I'll be contacting you directly via your CyberGamer Inbox and provide you with all the details and information we need to ship your new gaming mouse! Get ready to put your wordsmith cap on as well as it's time to test out how the VENTUS performs!

Thanks for all those who entered We'll certainly be doing this again!


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2:20pm Mar 6th 15

Been using the the TT Black Mouse for ages.
Wouldn't mind checking out how TT have progressed with their mouses.

Quote from `sprint on the 3rd of March 2015
Please check your CyberGamer inbox mate


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5:21pm Mar 16th 15

Hey boys, here's my review!

TteSports by Thermaltake – Ventus Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse

What's in the box
The Ventus came in simple designed box with an easy to read font and a Velcro window (something I hadn't seen before) that displayed the mouse itself behind a clear plastic casing. After going through some of the specs and information on the outside of the box, it was time to open her up.
Contents included:
- The Ventus Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse
- TTeSports carry pouch

Initial thoughts:
Two things came to mind when I first unboxed the Ventus: weight and feel. As someone who doesn't regularly go through computer mice and becomes quite attached to the components he is using, I was a little bit baffed when I first plugged the Ventus in. My current mouse was another TteSports product, the BLACK gaming mouse I had been using for years. I've never had a problem with the quality behind TTeSports products, and the Ventus only reaffirmed my opinion. The Ventus also boasts a pretty cool looking ventilation system right where your palm would sit.

[SPOILER=SPOILER: Check them out side by side here][/SPOILER]
The important Specifications:
- Up to 5700 adjustable DPI
- 1.8m braided cable
- 128kb onboard memory
- Laser sensor type
The mouse uses a red LED lighting system that is evident on the left click button, mouse wheel and logo below the ventilation system. One thing it is missing compared to the BLACK gaming mouse is the DPI indicator which I think would be a nice feature on any gaming mouse.
TTeSports have even developed software to go with the Ventus. Check out some of the features yourself:


This is what we're waiting for. How did the Ventus fair in game? The first game I tested the Ventus with was CS:GO. The first thing I did was jump in an aim map and test out the general feel of the mouse, how it compared to my old mouse and what I needed to do in order to be content with the overall feeling.
The option of adding and removing weight in the mouse itself is something evident throughout TteSports range of mice and it was useful in order to get that right feeling. Couple that with some changes in dpi and in game sensitivity, we were good to go!
After about three hours of solid gameplay and some more minor tweaks regarding DPI and weight I was finally able to stop blaming the new mouse for my terrible in game performance. I can't say the same thing for the Ventus though. Both right and left click buttons felt fast and precise with no sticky feeling.
Regarding the two side buttons that the Ventus features, one on each side, you will either love them or hate them based on what type of grip you employ when gaming. I use a more flat grip and personally the side buttons were in perfect position in order to use. I tried to revert to a claw like grip and the side buttons were a bit difficult to use as you would have to give up some control from the palm of your hand in order to feel 100% comfortable.
The second and final game I tested the Ventus out was with DotA 2. Much like CS:GO, DPI and weight had to be adjusted again in order to feel comfortable. Again, the responsiveness from the buttons were fast and non-sticky.

Wrap up:
Although it took a little while to get the general feel of the mouse and be overall comfortable with it, I was pleasantly surprised at the overall look and feel of the Ventus. At first I wasn't so sure about an ambidextrous mouse and although I'm right handed I did try it out with my left hand – it did provide for a much more smoother feel and level of comfortability I would normally get whenever I try to use my left hand (not very common though). I asked my brother (who is left handed) to give it a crack and this is what he had to say:
"It feels easier and smoother to use than a conventional one size fits all mouse, generally suited for righties. How much is it?"
I did have some trouble acquiring the software designed for the Ventus in order to set up my profiles and 100% configure my DPI but overall, compared to my old BLACK I don't know which I prefer more. I can definitely see myself using this mouse for the foreseeable future.

*Special thanks to TT and Jeremy for the review. Hope you all enjoyed it.
**Images came out a little small, not 100% sure why. Feel free to check out the album here:
Ventus Album


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5:11pm Mar 17th 15

My Review:

My first impressions of the mouse were fantastic. The packaging was simple, and displayed the sleek profile of the mouse efficiently. Opening the packaging, I was greeted with a mouse, user manual, some stickers and a soft carry bag. No longer do I have to worry about damaging my mouse on trips to lan parties! The initial feel of the mouse is very light and well made. The plastic on it isn't flimsy, it feels solid and well constructed. The braided cord and logos all fit in well with the style of the mouse.

Upon first plugging the mouse in, the feel of it on my hand is awesome. The palm rest fills your hand, and your fingers fit nicely onto the buttons. The side buttons are extremely useful, and I found that the right hand button sat directly under my finger when holding the mouse, so it is in perfect positioning. The left side button is within millimeters of my other finger, so there isn't much room to move to make use of it. This is perfect placement for buttons on a mouse.

The software and functionality that the mouse comes with is awesome. The dual buttons on top allow you to swap between profiles, creating instant macro shortcuts for each button depending on your instant need. You can also set up profiles to launch depending on programs running on your computer – perfect to swap your DPI when you quickly jump in that game of CS:GO. You also have the option to turn all the illumination on and off individually, so you can tell which profile you're in based on the illumination of the mouse. The placement of 3 weights in the bottom of the mouse was awesome for being able to change the weight of the mouse, depending on how quickly you like to be able to slide it across your desk. The feet on the mouse were also extremely smooth on my mousepad.

The main downfall I found of this mouse was that the right click button force is a lot less than the left click. Therefore if I rested my finger in the middle of the button, it tended to click itself sometimes – I had to either hover my finger over the button or rest it off to the side. I never had this problem with the left mouse button, however. I did really like the
soft feel of the left click button, and the soft scroll wheel was extremely nice to use.

The mouse definitely excelled in the gaming aspect of use. I used it for a variety of uses – gaming, general computing, web browsing etc. At all times it was very precise, didn't wander over the screen. When testing how slow I could move the mouse the cursor would still move smoothly across the screen, it wasn't jumping. The lift-off setting of the mouse was also very precise and useful. The mouse was very comfortable for resting your hand on for long periods of time while web browsing or general computing, and when gaming it was extremely comfortable. It was the first mouse I've ever come across where my palm can comfortably rest on the mouse without it inhibating the movement of the mouse. The honeycomb design was also very efficient in keeping the palm of my hand cool, compared to other mice where I find it sweats with prolonged use.
Overall, I think that the mouse is a very good investment, and especially for the price it is a great all-round mouse for the everyday user or the hardcore gamer.


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5:42pm Mar 17th 15

Looks like it'll be a food/jizzeto magnet.


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6:10pm Mar 17th 15

My Review

The Ventus is an ambidextrous gaming mouse from Tt Esports. Or at least it is advertised as one. From my time spent using the mouse it weighs up well as a gaming mouse but doesn't quite reach the level of performance expected of an ambidextrous mouse. The laser provides a DPI of up to 5700 and a polling rate of up to 1000 Hz. This means your mouse will update 1000 times a second. These kind of numbers make this a great mouse for high precision gaming. Tt Esports have nailed the core of the mouse. It is everything it needs to be concerning precision and customizability but there were some things that let it down.

The mouse is plug and play but software can be downloaded from their website (and only from the website, it does not come with a CD). There is a huge amount of customization options available to fit individual preference. As expected, all buttons can be rebound. The three lights can be separately turned on and off. Weight can be removed from the back of the mouse. DPI can be adjusted in the software and on the fly between four presets (that are also configurable). The polling rates can be set to 125, 250, 500 and 1000. One last curious setting can also be altered.

Lift-Off Control allows you to increase or decrease the height from the surface at which the mouse still works. The highest setting allows you to continue using your mouse even when it is a few millimeters off your mousepad. The lower settings require your mouse to be directly touching the surface and possibly for that surface to be outlandishly smooth as on the absolute lowest setting with a gaming mousepad it would not track the mouse at all. It was stuck in place and i couldn't even cancel my selection of the low setting as my cursor would no longer move. The mouse had to be unplugged and reconnected to start working again. This setting is likely best avoided.

Once you have come up with some settings that suit you they can be saved as one of the 5 available Profile slots. These profiles can then be linked to individual programs so that your mouse settings will automatically adjust to what you need without any user intervention required. While i couldn't see myself using that feature it is definitely a nice touch.

The mouse has one button located on each side of the mouse that are typically used for the back and forward actions. Unfortunately this is probably the biggest failure of the mouse. Both buttons are incredibly small given that they aren't small for the purpose of allowing more buttons to be located nearby. There is no reason for them to be as small as they are, it is just plain inconvenient. Even more perplexing is that this is touted as an ambidextrous mouse which would indicate the mouse will be symmetrical and yet the forward and back buttons are not placed opposite each other. The left hand button is located further back towards the middle of the mouse while the button on the right is almost right up the front of the mouse. That would mean switching between left and right hands is not feasible. As a right handed user I could not even reach the button on the right. The only time I have ever successfully pressed it was to confirm that it works. Under typical use I can't even reach the button without it feeling weird.

The honeycomb style vents on the top of the mouse do little to prevent build up of palm sweat but looks quite nice and helps to keep the weight of the mouse down. Some other added bonuses such as a velcro strap on the mouse cord so that it can easily be tied up and a simple carrybag are a great addition for those that take their mouses on the go.

Despite its small shortcomings I have welcomed this mouse into my family and currently use it as my primary mouse.



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6:27pm Mar 17th 15

Looks like it'll be a food/jizzeto magnet.

Quote from svetslana on the 17th of March 2015

Simple solution: don't be a grub haha


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10:39pm Mar 18th 15

Tt eSports Ventus Gaming Mouse Review

The Looks
At first glance the mouse the design of the mouse stands out as something quite different from the your standard gaming mouse. The honeycomb design with the Tt eSports logo glowing in the background is quite a nice aesthetic that seemingly softens the hard edges of the logo. The color of the LED cannot be changed from red, but I think that gives it a nice distinction as the Tt eSports brand.

The Build
The mouse has all the features that you see in a majority of gaming mice:

    • The cable is braided to reduce tangling. • The rubberized coating provides sufficient grip. I tend to find mice with glossy surfaces tend to get slippery if your palms get sweaty. • 2 Primary buttons, 2 side buttons, 2 profile/dpi switch buttons and a mouse wheel

The mouse feels very solid. I thought the ventilated plastic might have been structurally weaker or might flex a bit due to not having much support on the sides. This is not the case as it feels just as sturdy as the rest of the mouse.
What surprised me was that the mouse has interchangeable weights, which you only tend to see in Logitech G series mice. The mouse comes with 3x4.5g weights. Unfortunately there were no extra weights or weights of different sizes for more intense customization, but the fact that they have included the option for a mouse in this price range is commendable.

The only point I wanted to note about the weights is that the cover on the bottom is not flush with the mouse base. This is purely speculation, but I feel in the long run when the mouse feet wear down that a user may encounter extra friction from the weight cover.
The only issue I had was with the button layout of the side switches. The switches do line up nicely with my thumb and ring fingers, which is quite nice for a right hander. The mouse is designed and marketed as ambidextrous; therefore the mice should have symmetrical side buttons. If I try using this mouse with my left hand, I must stretch my hand considerably to reach the right side button with my thumb.
For a comparison of size and weights to other mice see the image below:

Logitech G500: 133g (no weights) - Ventus: 91.5g (no weights) - Death Adder 2013: 100g

The Feel
There are three points that I would like to touch on for the mouse feel: The OMRON switches and the AVAGO sensor and last but not least the VENTILATION.
The switches are quite decent. They made a claim on their website, stating that:"With reponse times between physical input and electronic output – you'll feel a noticeable difference in click speed." I don't believe it is possible to tell how fast a click registered, since we are talking matters of milliseconds. They felt quite tactile and in my opinion the travel time to click was shorter than some of the mice I have used in the past. So it is possible that you may get more clicks/second compared to some mice, but there is probably a negligible difference in response time. Even if it was faster to respond than another mouse, the time taken to register by the PC would still be based off polling rate (generally 1000 times/second).

After some research, I determined the exact sensor that is used by the Ventus is the Avago ADNS A9500. This is the same sensor you will find in other well-known gaming mice (ie. G500, Xai, Sensei). Therefore the performance won't be any better or worse than the other. I found the Ventus to be quite precise. Unfortunately I did notice there was some positive mouse acceleration in the hardware itself. This graph ( demonstrates the mouse acceleration compared to the speed of the mouse on the Steelseries Xai. You can see that this sensor experiences mouse acceleration even at low speeds.
This acceleration is not very significant. Some people won't even notice the acceleration. Some of you are probably using a mouse with the same sensor and haven't even noticed any acceleration. I just thought it would be interesting information to point out.
Finally, how does the ventilation feel and does it work?
When first using the mouse, it is quite a strange sensation. Pretty much all smooth mice have a smooth surface, so it takes a bit of adjustment having this textured plastic underneath your palm.

As for reduction of sweat build up it doesn't make vast differences. The passive ventilation doesn't really provide considerable airflow. I think there was a slight reduction in the feeling of sweat on the palm, due to less surface area in contact with your palm more than anything else. Also, the ventilation would probably make no difference whatsoever if you tend to use a claw grip.

The Software
I found the software's features to be quite comprehensive. It has lots of different customizations for the mouse buttons, including the DPI switchers (which usually cannot be changed). The multiple profiles are nice to have and can be linked to game launchers. Creating macros is fairly straightforward and there are a significant number of options available.

There is a UI overlay that comes up when you switch profile or DPI on your desktop, as well as illuminating the LEDs on the mouse for each level of DPI (2 flashes = Level 2, 3 flashes = Level 3, etc). Unfortunately the UI overlay could not be turned off, and also popped up whenever you pressed the side buttons. I found this quite annoying after a while, and it would be good to have an option to disable the overlay.
I also found the software to be slightly buggy or incomplete. Functionally it works fine, but there were a few quality of life issues.
    • The loading symbol was surrounded by a single line of white pixels that made it look slapped together, as well as a bit around the actual main window. • The help button in the top right corner was not clickable at all. • The DPI level would get reset to level 1 when I changed the DPI values and saved them. • Version number on UI does not match the filename, so I thought I had downloaded an older version once I installed it.

Of course these minor issues don't affect the performance of the mouse and can be easily rectified by a patch.

    • Great build quality • Highly customizable • Excellent value

    • Asymmetrical side buttons • Software lacks some polish

I believe this mouse is great value for money and definitely a contender in the market.


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4:13am Mar 19th 15

Shame I didn't see this earlier @Spud I would've loved to give it a review :/


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8:04am Mar 19th 15

@AXN no u wouldnt ;D


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11:24am Mar 20th 15

Thanks for the awesome in-depth reviews @Phoenique @`sprint @ziggypiggy and @~SuperNova! The team at Thermaltake Australia & New Zealand hope that you enjoy using your new Tt eSPORTS Ventus mice for many years to come!