GPU or CPU Upgrade advice

GPU or CPU Upgrade advice

GPU or CPU Upgrade advice

Thread started by Yukizor on Wednesday, 9:20am April 8th with 5 replies. Views: 872


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9:20am Apr 8th 15

hey guys

ok basically im looking at upgrading my PC, because over the last few months i've noticed games updating, newer games and graphics engine struggling to get medium settings on my setup, its just old

My Setup
AMD 955 BE 3.2Ghz
8GB DDR3 1333Mhz G.Skill ripjaw-X
1TB WDD Black
AMD 7770 1Ghz Edition HIS

Basically. ive noticed in most games, my CPU gets capped and overused, and the GPU is having to pickup the slack, and i find myself always having to lower features such as Bloom, AntiAliasing , etc to get a solid FPS

Basically, i have a feeling my CPU is somewhat bottle-necking my GPU, this ofcourse wasnt the case in older games, but as time moves forward. My CPU seems to be getting stressed by the average game engine

but i could be wrong so im here to ask if that could be the case and what the best upgrade path would be

I was looking at this
Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3 Motherboard
AMD FX-6300 Black Edition 6-Core Socket AM3+ CPU Processor

And im wondering whether to add a new GPU ( way over my budget , but i can do it ), like a GTX 750 or R7 265

Or just go with a processor upgrade to improve performance


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9:33am Apr 8th 15

gpu upgrade would be certain


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10:41am Apr 8th 15

955? wow that's quite old considering End-of-Life date for them is December 2012.

have you considered going intel? whats your budget?


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11:11am Apr 8th 15

Don't understand the reasoning behind amd for a cpu if you're looking to upgrade.

But to answer your question upgrade your CPU first then get a better GPU down the road when you have some spare cash


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9:23pm Apr 10th 15

thanks for the update guys, i just bit the bullet and spent the money on a new GPU, CPU, Mobo and PSU

the upgrades were worth the money and im very pleased with my new system


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9:27pm Apr 10th 15

amd is good for budgets only. i assume tight budget?