AWP Asiimov FT GIVEAWAY - Coll...

AWP Asiimov FT GIVEAWAY - Collateral eSports

AWP Asiimov FT GIVEAWAY - Collateral eSports

Thread started by CES Charisma on Friday, 11:02am May 8th with 5 replies. Views: 1,574

CES Charisma

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In light of our recent success within the organisation we are giving back to the community

We will be giving away a AWP Asiimov FT worth $60+ at the moment


This is the first of many giveaways we will be doing because we are nothing without the backing from you guys so thank you all

What you will want to do is head over to our twitter page @CollateralOrg, follow us because you MUST be following to win then favourite and retweet this post it is as simple as that

We will draw this on Wednesday the 13th of May as it is the earliest we can trade
(thanks steam)

Best of Luck to everyone


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11:10am May 8th 15

This would probably get more attention if it where posted in the CS:GO section.

Best of luck to everyone entering though


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11:53am May 8th 15

Goodluck to everyone

Quote from basics_ on the 8th of May 2015


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1:18pm May 8th 15

good luck everyone.. desperately need that gun


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4:02pm May 8th 15