Need to build Papa a computer...

Need to build Papa a computer - Build help

Need to build Papa a computer - Build help

Thread started by dMiZze on Monday, 11:22pm May 25th with 2 replies. Views: 541


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11:22pm May 25th 15

Hey guys,

Hoping to build my dad a computer for his birthday on Friday (at least order the parts). I have built a few systems myself, however not too up to date with the current hardware out (and running short on time!!). Was wondering if one of you good people could suggest me a build around ~$800. Computer will just be used for general purposes, so to give him something he will be able to surf email and web like a breeze (maybe SSD?). No real emphasis on intensive graphics stuff at all. Just need the actual system, so monitors/peripherals aren't included in that price!

Some help would be very appreciated, thanks!


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5:46pm May 26th 15

It's not every day someone asks for a sensible home PC :D

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I'll explain my suggestions:
CPU - Decent budget CPU. 4 cores, good performance. I recommend it cause the integrated graphics performance is really good, obviously not something you would game on but it will handle every day computing very well. Could bump this up to an A10 7850K because you have money to spare and you get a little boost in performance, not at all required though.
Motherboard - mATX cause I don't expect your father will be wanting to add a whole bunch of PCI cards. VGA/DVI/HDMI output, multi-monitor compatible. It's the kind of board you can actually use all of and not feel like its lacking.
RAM - Cheap RAM. Is compatible and will do the job. 8GB as a safe choice in case he is using Outlook while writing in Word and managing his expenses in Excel with some large PDF's on taxes open and suddenly feels the urge to open his 40th tab in Crome to watch some YouTube in HD.
SSD - Makes a big difference in every day computing so it's a nice touch. 120GB cause I assume he won't need more, if you think he will then get a larger one. Not the fastest on paper but not something he will ever notice even if you were to point that out to him. Great reliability.
HDD - A little extra storage space. Forget it if he is not the type to keep the full family photo album or other large things on his PC.
DVD - Might come in handy. Remove if it won't.
PSU - Reliable, efficient, cheap. Does what it is supposed to do (power things). Good value.
Case - This was not so easy. The Thermaltake Versa is easy to work with, cheap, not fancy looking. Pretty much any case that will handle mATX motherboards would be just as good though I guess. Since you still have money to spare you could splurge a bit I guess if you see something that matches his desk or something.

That's it really. If he needs a new copy of Windows you still have money for that. I know that's a fair bit under budget (shipping to QLD for this build starts at $41) but with the current crop of products out there this is just about the most sensible home PC I can come up with.


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10:56pm May 26th 15

Was not expecting any one to be so helpful. Thank's a lot mate that is great! Really appreciate it