Potential north Brisbane Pubst...

Potential north Brisbane Pubstomp!

Potential north Brisbane Pubstomp!

Thread started by zkyz on Sunday, 10:50am July 5th. Views: 486


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10:50am Jul 5th 15

Hey guys I work @ an entertainment venue in Brisbane and for a few years i've considered convincing my employer's to host a pubstomp.

Well the year has finally come and to get the ball rolling I need to show them that there is an interest for a TI pubstomp in North Brisbane and the best way to do so would be if you could quickly respond to the following survey -> http://goo.gl/forms/NMUJhONtbM

The survey covers some specifics regarding dates and timing of the event, but i'd also really like to hear what you'd like to see @ the event. We have the vacancy for a particularly large seating area so whether we have a 1v1 tournament set up with a few pc's, or go a little bigger and have 10 or 20 computers setup for some custom game lobbys for downtime! It's all up to you guys!

I look forward to reading your responses and hopefully if there's enough interest i'll see you all @ the event!